Craft Beer Production Cost in China
craft brewery
What is the craft brewery?

Why do beer lovers have to have their own beer brewing equipment?

4 Barrel Brewing System

4 Barrel Brewing System

The current brewing equipment mainly consists of two parts, the first is some small brewing equipment, the second is the household economical self-brewing equipment, and we need to choose different and suitable ones according to our needs. For an entrepreneur who is just getting started, if you want to get a little better in terms of winemaking, then the first item is the most important thing, that is, how to choose the right brewing equipment.

Aluminum brewing equipment accounts for the majority of the market, and low-density equipment is easy to handle and it is efficient to produce alcohol. Stainless steel brewing equipment has high gloss. After hard wear and polishing, there is almost no weld bead. Beautiful and beautiful. Because there are a lot of brewing equipment on the market, which kind of brewing equipment is right for you, different brewing equipments have different production yields. In fact, it depends on your goals and needs. The most important thing is that you need to know what you need most and what is best for you.

For most individual entrepreneurs, home brewing equipment is better, looking for a simple one, it will be perfect if you understand it at a glance. Such products are usually cheaper and easier to operate. And self-brewing equipment allows them to brew their own opportunities to determine if they are their hobby with the least amount of time or money invested. When we buy brewing equipment, we need to pay attention to the fact that the equipment purchased must be nationally certified and must be filed locally.

There are many types of brewed beer equipment, such as home brewing enthusiasts. For the sake of interest, they usually choose 20L or 30L equipment, the largest is about 60L, and the price ranges from 6000-15000. If you are ready to start the brewing equipment, 100L start, the cost of the equipment is basically between 100,000. Buying second-hand may be relatively cheap.

First of all, what preparations should you do?

Let’s take 20L beer as an example.

1, time

Beer brewing takes a long time, usually takes 4-6 hours, and can not be terminated, so it is recommended that you start a pot when you find a time is sufficient.

2, equipment

Malt crushing equipment: hand mill or counter roll.
Saccharification equipment: 30-40L insulated barrel, 20L stainless steel skillet, mixing tool, filter, sugar meter or hydrometer, 250ML glass cylinder, thermometer, electronic scale, silicone tube (supporting the mash of the mashing pot), 500ML measuring cup , 250ML triangle bottle (other containers can also be selected to activate yeast).
Boiling equipment: 30-40L stainless steel skillet.
Cooling equipment: 8-15 m coil (stainless steel or copper tube, or plate heat exchanger), or 3-5 large beverage bottles filled with water to freeze into ice.
Fermentation equipment: fermenter (recommended 2, 1 fermentation, 1 for bottling, better with faucet on the barrel), one-way water seal.
Other equipment: 1-2 m long silicone tube, ear wash, 75% alcohol or other disinfectant.
Bottling equipment: capper, empty bottle, metal cap or swing cap, bottle brush, or PET plastic bottle.

3, raw materials

Hops, malt, yeast, water.
The raw materials of this post
Light color malt 3.5KG
Jiaoxiang Malt 0.5KG
Xichu Hops 40G
S04 Yeast 11.5G Water 28L

4. Serious and patient attitude!