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Why are hops added to beer?

1. The addition of hops can make the beer have a refreshing aroma, bitterness and antiseptic power. The aroma of hops and the fragrance of malt give the beer a subtle flavor.

It is difficult to taste what kind of hops and malt are used if you don’t taste it carefully.

We all know that beer, coffee and tea have the same characteristics, that is, they win with fragrance and bitterness, and they are loved by people.

This is also the charm of these beverages. The smell is very fragrant and the mouth is slightly bitter.

The bitterness brings the fragrance to make people linger. . And because hops have natural antiseptic power, there is no need to add toxic preservatives to beer.

2. The fine foam formed in beer is due to hops. Beer foam is a complex of clomazone in hops and foaming protein from malt.

Excellent hops and malt can produce white, delicate, rich and long-lasting beer foam.

Like the Belgian hop wall that we have always been familiar with, the pattern of foam hanging on the wall after drinking beer is very beautiful.

3. Conducive to the clarification of wort. In the process of wort boiling, due to the addition of hops.

The protein in the wort can be complexed and precipitated, thereby clarifying the wort and brewing pure beer.

4. The strong hop flavor of hops can balance the natural sweetness of wort and stimulate appetite.

The original beer tastes sweeter because of the addition of honey or date palm.

But this beer does not quench thirst. This is the reason why beer brewed with beer is very popular throughout the Middle Ages.