Double IPA
What is double IPA?
The Cooling Jacket for Whirlpool Tun

Which type of work platform do you like?

Between brewhouse vessels,there are work platform for brewer master to work on it, for example feeding material, checking the boiling condition, stirring by manual, test wort plato on sink, so work platform is also one item need to consider when design whole system.
There are three main type work platform:

This type platform with many holes , it is easy for brewer maters to clean the platform by water gun, and it looks luxury under light. It is modern type. But it also has disadvantage, with too many holes on it, it will be have problem of shaken when work on it, as some holes reduce the stand size.  But this type platform is still one favorite platform for most clients.
Do you like it?


This type platform we call it steel grating, it will much strong when walk on it, and also easy to clean it as it is grating. But this type platform will looks some of dim and dark compare with brewhouse vessels. It is popular in several years ago. At present,it mainly use for platform for fermenters and installed outside.
What is your idea about this type platform?
This type checkered plate or skid resistance plate, it is famous within 4 or 5 years, and replaced by the first type plate with many holes, as the first type with holes is easy to clean, and it looks much close to tank surface color, they looks much conform. But this skid resistance plate  is still one good choice after some design on it. Look we open one hole on the platform , and when clean it, the water will flow into the hole and flow to drain, by this design, it achieve the cleaning convenient, and also protect the pumps under platform. The first two platform will bring some troubles to clean under the platform. So do you like the third type platform design now? Some countries city water is higher price, this design is a good choice for them.
I think you had a clear idea on platform style now.-:)
About handrail, its height is required by local from brewer master safety consideration. It usually need at least 1m, of course 1.2m is better.Thanks for your reading.
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