Can I Brewing With Pure Water
Can I Brewing With Pure Water?
Opinion Of The Suitable Expansion Path For Brewhouse
Opinion Of The Suitable Expansion Path For Brewhouse

What Kind Of Control Panel Is Suitable For NanoMicrobreweries

What kind of control panel is suitable for nano/microbreweries?

Typically, if a customer is new to the craft beer industry, he or she will assume that the controls should be fully automated. As soon as you press a button, the brewing process will be automatic and no other work is needed to get the beer. Of course, this is possible in an industrial brewery. However, for nano or micro breweries, 200-10,000L, a semi-automatic control panel is the way to go.

First of all, for nano/micro breweries, the beer recipes are really varied. Even, some experienced brewers will experiment with new recipes in their brewery. Different recipes mean different brewing methods. Semi-automatic types are more flexible than fully automatic control panels. The brewer has the freedom to adjust and change the brewing method to suit different brewing methods.

Secondly, in craft beer brewing, we cannot ignore the brewer’s behavior. Sometimes, although it is the same recipe, different brewers will brew different tasting beers. Therefore, most brewers want to be involved in the brewing of the beer to keep it in line with their intentions. Semi-automatic control panels can help brewers participate in the actual brewing to get a variety of flavors in their beer. But what can a brewer do with a fully automated controlled brewery?

Third, in a fully automated brewery, if something goes wrong with one program, the next program can be greatly affected if the brewer does not catch the problem in time.

Fourth, the cost of a fully automatic control board is much more expensive than a semi-automatic type, and may even exceed the total cost of the other equipment.

Therefore, we recommend a semi-automatic control board for your nano/microbrewery.
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How do I design the size of brewing tanks for brewing different types of beer?

In a brewery, brewers usually use 12 barrels to brew beer with an alcohol strength of about 3% to 4%. Of course, some brewers need to brew strong beers, such as stouts or porters. The alcohol concentration is about 7-9%.

For a 500L beer brewing system.
If we want to brew a beer with an alcohol concentration of 7-9%, the ratio of malt to water is about 1:3.
About 120 kg of malt is needed. The spent grain is about 1.8 times the weight of the malt. This is approximately equal to 0.21 M3.

Normally, a thickness of 30-40 mm is good for spent grain.
If we assume that the thickness of waste grain is 30 mm, then we can get.
3.14XR2X0.3=0.21, we know that R is about 480mm.
This means that a tank diameter of 960 mm is possible.

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