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What is double IPA?

Double beer is brown beer, invented by Westmalle monastery on 1856. Belguim Brown sugar
First, let’s talk the meaning of double.
Double means to have a high malt , high alcohol and need more time to maturation.
Normally single mark by X, double mark by XX, triple mark by XXX.

Then let’s talk about IPA, as we talk before, IPA comes from India pale ale. They add more hops to expand beer expiration date.

Double combined IPA give more feeling on taste, it has a strong hops taste, high alcohol, but it is dry and clear, it is less irritative and suitable for drinking.
As drinkable is the most important factor for double IPA.
Double IPA: 7.5-10% alcohol, BTU is 60-120, the original gravity is 1.065-1.085