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What are the water quality requirements for brewing beer

Water is an indispensable part of craft beer. 90% of beer is water, and the qualified water quality is used for brewing beer.

Basic elements. Water runs through the whole beer brewing process and affects every stage of brewing. The nature of water determines beer.

The type of wine also directly affects the quality of craft beer brewed by beer equipment.

water in beer brewing
water in beer brewing

1. Appearance

The appearance should be colorless and transparent, without suspended matter and sediment.

2. Taste

There should be no salty, bitter, astringent and other peculiar tastes, and a refreshing taste at room temperature.

3. pH

It should be neutral or slightly acidic. The pH value of neutral pure water is 7; more than 7 is alkaline water, and less than 7 is acidic water. The ideal water for brewing beer should have a pH between 5.5 and 5.8. Too high or too low pH will affect the mash and beer taste.

4. Hardness

For the production of light-colored beer, the total hardness of the water should be below 8°; the highest should not exceed 12°, and the temporary hardness should be 2°~5°.

5. Organic matter

The consumption of potassium permanganate should be 0~3mg/L, more than 10mg/L is serious water pollution.

6. Calcium

The main ions that affect the hardness of water can promote the activity of enzymes; and ensure the taste, clarity and stability of beer.

7. Magnesium

The more the content, the higher the hardness of the water; (more than 50ppm: acidic water, bitter taste; more than 125ppm: laxative and diuretic effect)

8. Sulfate

The more the content, the rougher the water quality, and the more it can highlight the bitterness of hops.

9. Bicarbonate

Carbonated water is suitable for brewing pale beer; the higher its pH, the more it can neutralize the acidity of the roasted malt.

10. Sodium

Increase the roundness of beer.

11. Chloride

Highlight the aroma of beer