Diaphragm Pump Vs Centrifugal Pump In Microbrewery
Diaphragm Pump Vs Centrifugal Pump In Microbrewery
Operation Instruction Of The Portable CIP Cart
Operation Instruction Of The Portable CIP Cart

What Are The Steps Of Brewery Tanks Manufacture

  1. Drawing of beer cans
    Technicians make drawings according to the customer’s requirements and then start to arrange the production of beer cans. Assist each customer with project planning and equipment design.
    2.Calculation of materials
    The production department calculates how much material will be used according to the drawings.
  2. Raw materials for beer cans
    All stainless steel used in our beer cans is truly hygienic SUS 304 food grade, 316, 316L is also available. All raw materials are purchased from TISCO, the largest steel plant in China, with quality certification.
    Three types of plate classification.
  3. Sanitary 2B surface treatment, mainly used for interior decoration.
  4. Oil brushed finish is mainly used for exterior finish.
  5. Mirror finish is optional
What Are The Steps Of Brewery Tanks Manufacture
What Are The Steps Of Brewery Tanks Manufacture
  1. Forming of metal plates
    The stainless steel plate is cut by our professional technicians for plasma cutting, the data of stainless steel will not produce any error, which is the most advanced technology in our city.
    Rolling and bending cone.
    Cutting side plates by shearing machine.
    Deburring with angle machine.
    5.100% Argon arc welding
    Argon arc welding is a welding technique that uses argon gas as a shielding gas. It is also known as argon shielded welding. That is, the air is removed from the weld area by argon gas protection around the arc welding to prevent oxidation of the weld area.
    Our central system of argon gas for welding provides 100% pure argon gas to protect beer cans from deformation during the welding process.
  2. Mirror polishing
    Internal polishing: overall polishing to 0.2-0.4um, no dead space.
    External polishing: mirror polishing, smooth enough, passivation treatment.
    Purpose: High precision of the tank itself, small details of the tank should be observed with binoculars.
    Function. Make the storage tank neat and smooth, beautiful and durable.
    Polishing is crucial for storage tanks. Both the inside and outside of the tank should be polished.
    Thus, it ensures that bacteria have no place to hide in the tank.
    Our polishing system consists of automatic and semi-automatic polishing machines and manual polishing.
    Each beer tank is polished three times, and more polishing is done on critical areas.
  3. Pickling & passivation to 0.3-0.4μm
    Function. Removal of oxidation color. Form a protective film, sterilization, anti-corrosion.
    8.Interlayer testing of beer cans
    Rigorous tank leak test by water and pressure gas. Interlayer test with 3-3.5 bar pressure gas
  4. Final testing of the whole tank
    All finished products will be inspected by the quality control department for defects.

10.Inspection and commissioning before delivery
When the entire brewing system is completed, the equipment will be checked by our company’s quality control department to ensure its quality before delivery. Afterwards, if available, the customer or a third party can come in and check the equipment again.
We are a beer brewing equipment manufacturer / beer tank manufacturer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.