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What are the characteristics of beer equipment conical tank fermentation method?

The vertical cylindrical cone-shaped fermenter invented by German brewers has been gradually popularized and used all over the world due to its advantages in many aspects through continuous improvement and development.

So what are the characteristics of cone-shaped fermentation?

1, the bottom of the cone for the production process at any time to discharge yeast, requires the use of cohesive yeast.

2, the tank itself has a cooling device, easy to control the fermentation temperature. The production is easy to control, the fermentation cycle is shortened, the chance of contamination is less, and the quality of beer is stable.

3, the tank is equipped with insulation device, can be placed outside the tank, reduce the construction investment, save the floor area, easy to expand.

4, use sealed tank, easy to wash carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide recovery fermentation can also be carried out under a certain pressure.Can do fermenter to also can run store wine jar, also can ferment and store wine close 2 for one, call law Of one jar fermenter.

5. The fermentation liquid in the tank has a carbon oxide gradient due to the liquid height (ie, density gradient). By cooling control, however, the fermentation broth was naturally convected, and the higher the tank, the stronger the convection. Of the strong convection, the fermentation ability of yeast was improved, the fermentation speed was accelerated and the fermentation cycle was shortened.

6. The conical tank is suitable for both bottom fermentation and top fermentation.

7. CIP cleaning system can be adopted for convenient cleaning. The shape of the cone-shaped pot is beneficial to the collection of yeast at the bottom, the smooth and complete discharge and separation of the yeast, the discharge of contents in the Pot and the cleaning of the pot.On this basis, the mead’s beer equipment has been improved to make it more beautiful.