Brewer's work
Brewer’s work
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What are the Brewer’s tools?

Stirring spoon

Brewer’s tools – Stirring spoon

The shape of the stirring spoon is similar to a hollowed-out spoon that is used to stir the mash, which is a mixture of water and malt. Even though the professional mixing tanks are now equipped with mechanical devices for the sacred mixing steps, many winemakers still prefer the wooden mixing shovel that the old renter inherits.

Brewer’s tools -Disinfectant

In order to avoid any improper bacterial contamination, breweries must be very strict with cleaning and sanitation. The only microorganisms that can be produced in the brewery are the yeasts carefully selected by the winemaker. All wine making equipment must be sterilized with appropriate cleaning agents before each brewing, in addition to ensuring hygiene, and also to ensure the quality of the beer.

Brewer’s tools -Hydrometer


It is used to measure the sugar content of the wort and estimate the alcohol content in the beer through the Baume (°Bé) or Plato (°P) shown above.

Brewer’s tools -Thermometer


The temperature of the mash has a decisive influence on the fermentation. In the process of maltomelting, the temperature must be controlled at 62-72 ° C, in order to convert the starch into sugar. On the other hand, when the fermentation is carried out, the temperature is maintained within a specific range. In order to maintain the optimal activity of the yeast.