The Wort Boiling Process
The Wort Boiling Process
Do We Need Hot Liquor Tank For Brewhouse
Do We Need Hot Liquor Tank For Brewhouse?

Tips On Electric Power Arrangement

When we are ready to set up a microbrewery, electrical arrangements are very important.
For all of our microbrewery equipment over 200L, a 3-phase power supply is necessary. Here are the most basic considerations for your reference to understand how to take care of the power supply

  1. Calculation of 3-phase power supply using amperage.
    Resistive load (electric heating element). I=P/(1.732U)
    Inductive loads (motors, chillers, pump motors, etc. etc.): I=P/(1.732X0.8U)

Use amperage to calculate single-phase power supply.
Resistive load (electric heating element). I=P/U
Inductive load (motor, chiller, pump motor, etc.): I=P/(0.8U)

  1. Please add the power of other machines that will be procured locally. Example.
    Air compressor: used to power the keg filler and keg washer.
    Burners, boilers, etc.
  2. 3. Please remind the electrician to arrange for 30% more power than the listed quantity to avoid overloading or tripping.

We are a manufacturer of beer brewing equipment in China, with capacity from 500 liters/batch – 10,000 liters/batch. If there is anything we can help you with, please feel free to contact us.

Tips On Electric Power Arrangement
Tips On Electric Power Arrangement