The characteristics of beer beer equipment
The working principle of beer equipment

The Types of beer equipment

There are many kinds of beer equipment, and there are many classifications. It summarizes all the beer equipment on the market roughly according to the following classification methods.

According to the different uses of beer equipment, it is divided into: catering special beer equipment, family beer equipment, small beer brewing equipment, and beer equipment for setting up factories.

According to the output size, it is also divided into small beer equipment, medium beer equipment and large beer equipment.

Small beer equipment with a daily output of 50 liters includes 2 fermentation tanks, which can be used directly on the bar,  It is suitable for household beer equipment and restaurant special beer equipment.

Medium-sized beer equipment: 200-500 liters of daily production equipment includes 4 fermentation tanks, the brewing period is 4 days, of which the silver white workshop equipment with daily production of 300 liters includes 4 fermentation tanks, each with a diameter of 600 mm and a height of 1.7 meters. The effective capacity is 300 liters. Suitable for large entertainment venues and small factories.

Large-scale beer equipment with a daily output of more than 1,000 liters. The brewing period is 4 days, and the workshop equipment with a daily output of 1 ton includes 4 fermentation tanks with a working capacity of 1 ton.