Trend Of Microbrewery Equipment Design
Trend Of Microbrewery Equipment Design
The Features Of The Great Agitator For Mash Tank
The Features Of The Great Agitator For Mash Tank

The Pros And Cons Of Internal Heater

A brief description of the internal heater. The wort heater is mounted vertically in the kettle. The heater is a tubular heater. When the wort boils, the wort is heated and passes through the tubular heater from bottom to top. And the umbrella cover is installed above the heater. This will keep the rising wort surrounded and avoid the formation of air bubbles. The wort will be heated evenly.

  1. Advantages.
    Low investment, no maintenance, no wear and tear.
    Low power consumption.
    Low heating radiation loss.
    Boiling temperature and evaporation rate are adjustable.
    Can be heated with low pressure saturated steam.
    Slow flow rate of wort in the heater bundle.
    The device is simple and does not require external heater and stirrer.
  2. Disadvantages.
    Difficult to clean. After producing a certain batch, the cleaning work needs to be completed, which will delay the production.
    Due to the slow flow of wort, if the steam pressure is not well controlled, the steam temperature will be too high, resulting in partial overheating of the wort. This will lead to darkening of color and deterioration of flavor, which will also affect the quality of the beer.

Beer kegs and spears

As craft beer has evolved, it has been packaged in a variety of ways, such as glass bottles, cans, PET bottles, flasks and kegs. Packing craft beer in kegs is a great way to keep the beer fresh and it is very well known. Usually, the beer is unfiltered when it is put into the keg. When there is a party, storing beer in this way is a great way to keep it fresh.

Regarding beer kegs, there are three standards, EURO, US and DIN. I am referring here to stainless steel beer kegs. Of course, in addition to stainless steel kegs, you will find many plastic kegs as well. Plastic beer kegs are more insulated than stainless steel kegs, but stainless steel kegs are more popular internationally.

There is another very important thing on beer kegs, and that is the spear. When buying a beer keg, we need to confirm the type of spear.
The spear is called a beer outlet valve on a keg and it is used for the beer outlet. The spear will fit with the screw seal on the neck of the keg and the spear also fits into the keg filling line and the keg fitting. By inserting the CO2 into the keg, you can easily fill the keg and remove the beer.

Types of spears

From the shape of the spear, there are A, G, M, H, and also S, D. Regarding the D type, there are Brazilian D type and Sankey D type, and Sankey D type is very famous in the United States.
In terms of structure, there are A, G, S, D, U, M, H, Brazilian D, and Sankey D in the United States.
From the number of threads, there are three threads and two threads.
From the way of connection with barrel, there are threaded type (A, G, S, D, U, M, Brazil D), unthreaded type (mainly A, G, Sankey D), and welded type (H).
In terms of latching, there are latching and non-latching.

The Pros And Cons Of Internal Heater
The Pros And Cons Of Internal Heater