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The Only Beer Making Process That You Will Ever Need

Beer has been used for centuries as the go-to social drink that you can unwind with. However, over the years the thought of paying for expensive beer has been repulsive and the reasons why many people are turning to make their beer. Ideally, the beer making process isn’t a long-winded process as all you need is the right kind of beer brewing equipment and some basic guidelines.  Below are 5 key steps you need to make while making your beer.

  • Sanitize Before You Begin Your Beer Making Process

Before beginning the beer brewing process, ensure that you clean and sanitize all your equipment. Often, good beer gets ruined when it comes in contact with foreign elements that either; stop the fermentation process, give it a foul taste or cause your batch to develop mold. To avoid this ensure that everything that will get in contact with your beer is thoroughly cleaned.

  • Have Suitable Brewing Equipment For Beer Making Process

As a beginner, you might get misled into making your wort using an old stock pot. However, most old wort pots fail to work because they have little room for the mixture to boil properly without overflowing. Additionally, there is always a problem with even heat distribution that can be problematic to the beer making process. When starting, aim to simply invest in high-quality beer making kits for beginners. This allows you to have the proper machinery needed to make the perfect batch.

  • Pay Attention To The Fermentation Process In The Beer Making Process

After boiling and making wort, yeast is then added to the mixture and left for a few days to ferment. During this process ensure that you add enough yeast needed for the fermentation process. You will need additional beer making supplies as you will decant the first batch into a different container before the fermentation process is finished in another container. During this process, a lot of patience is needed as it takes several weeks to turn into good beer.

  • Temperature Is Key In The Beer Making Process

Heating to kill all existing bacteria is important in ensuring no harmful microorganisms survive. During the creation of wort, the mixture is heated to extremely high levels. A hydrometer allows you to gauge if it has reached the desired temperature. Likewise, a short cooling off period is integrated between making the wort and fermentation. To ensure that you don’t add the yeast too early hence killing it, countercheck to see if it’s the desired temperature.  

  • Finally Bottle Your Beer As The Last Step In The Beer Making Process

Finally, as you finish off brewing your beer using beer making kits, ensure that you have a correct way of storing your beer. Badly stored beer usually leads to building up of mold or your beer losing its carbonation hence falling flat.  So invest in a good set of bottling equipment’s to ensure great beer every time.

  • Conclusion

As seen above, the actual beer-making process isn’t a hard one. However, to make decent beer, you need to first invest in some high-quality beer brewing equipment. Additionally, take an interest in various beer recipes so you can custom make it to the kind of beer you want. Doing so will allow you to make great beer allowing you to enjoy your beer at the comfort of your home.