Black Hops Staff Awards 2021
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Press Release: Black Hops Enter The Nft Realm, Announce Launch Of Beta Team

Gold Coast: December 2021

Gold Coast craft brewery Black Hops has announced the launch of the Black Hops Beta Team, an exclusive meeting point for like-minded individuals with a passion for beer, cryptocurrency, NFT and Web3.
With digital assets booming during the Non-Financial Token (NFTS) 2021, CEO Dan Norris recognizes the opportunity for the fast-growing craft beer operation to 

get creative and have fun while taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the rise of next-level chains and web technologies. 

“I love the opportunities that the explosion of the NFT space offers creatives and we want to help further that message. Beer cans are one of the coolest design projects out there, so they are a great fit for NFT. beer can designers are often 

undervalued and devote day after day to projects that pay quite little. web3 has the potential to change the way creative workers work and reward them for their work, which I think could be a very positive shift. “
To kick off the testing team, Black Hops launched two NFT-focused projects. The first is a new beer launched on New Year’s Eve, a chocolate banana gumbo with a can designed around the NFT OnChain Monkey #5073. 

it will also coincide with Black Hops’ first-ever NFT, a limited-edition commercial model of the monkey that will be available to all test team members for a limited time. onChain Monkey (OCM) is an early stage NFT project with a philanthropic mission. 

Black Hops will support this mission through donations $ from 1 can of each monkey business sold to Columbine Wildlife Hospital.

The second project will issue 1,000 unique Hopman NFT tokens, each a unique interpretation of the Hopman character, originally made famous by the limited release of the Black Hops beer, Hazy IPA the Moon Dancer.

Press Release Black Hops Enter The Nft Realm, Announce Launch Of Beta Team

A large part of our year-end celebration is recognizing and celebrating the amazing and tireless work of the entire Black Hops team, with special recognition for outstanding individual performances in each business area.

Here are the results of announce these 2021 Black Hops Employee Awards

Legend of the Year: Joe De Oliviera

The Black Hops “Legend of the Year” is the “big gong” of the annual awards and is voted on by all employees.
This year’s replacement winner, Cayle Lutas, relinquished his title to BHII Warehouse/Inventory Coordinator “WOWSIY”, 

whose tireless dedication and all-around “Top Guy” aura made him the unanimous winner of the 2021 Stout of the Year Award.

In addition to the “Legend” and individual division awards, we have three major awards for each division.
Rookie Rock Star Award

This award was given to someone who came announce in all day in the 2021 calendar year. This award recognizes Biff Evison for his outstanding work in the lab as the Stout Sensory Coordinator.
Extra Mile Award

This award was presented to Alex Drysdale, 2021, who works full time as our Maintenance Manager. He always goes above and beyond the call of duty.
Leadership Award

This award was presented to Geraldo ‘Big G’ Longobardi for his outstanding leadership in his role as head of the distribution team.
Departmental Employee of the Year Award
And to conclude, congratulations to announce the following departmental legends for their exemplary service in 2021.

Restaurant Superstar: Brie Kutheard (for the second year in a row)
Salesperson of the Year: Keller Lutas
Production Team Member of the Year: Corrie Castle
Host: Kirsty Atkins

Supply Chain (Send It Award): Mark Ramsey
If you are interested in joining the announce Dream Team, please check out our Jobs page.

Press Release Black Hops Enter The Nft Realm, Announce Launch Of Beta Team

To learn more about announce these projects, join the Discord server and become part of the Beta Team club, please visit the Black Hops website.

The Black Hops team is very active in sharing their story through blogs, podcasts and social media: the
Black Hops media page (logo, photos, bios, etc.)

Black Hops on social media @blackhopsbeer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
View the Black announce Hops story here.

For media inquiries, please contact Black Hops co-founder Dan Norris