What Should Be Noted During The Usage Of Heat Exchanger
What Should Be Noted During The Usage Of Heat Exchanger?
What Is The Preservation Condition Of Beer
What Is The Preservation Condition Of Beer?

The Introduce Of Malt Dry Crush Using In Breweries

Dry crushing is a traditional method. The equipment is simple and easy to operate. This method is widely used in larger breweries.

After the malt is selected, it is transported by a conveyor to a sifter for crushing. We can adjust the valve and drum space according to the crushing capacity and level. After crushing the malt powder is stored in a warehouse.

Part 1.
Process and technical points.
Malt should be removed from some dirt before working and weighing of each pot of saccharification pitch. First remove the dirt, preferably with a stone machine, but also with a dust collector. Even though the malt has been cleaned at the malt plant, there are still some stones in the malt that are the same size as the malt. If these stones enter the crusher, they can damage the drum and reduce the service life.

The next step is to remove the iron magnetically. The magnet is usually installed in a place in front of the drum. Even with an intermediate separator installed during the malting process, some iron such as nails and screws still get into the malt. Once they enter the drum, they not only damage the drum, but also generate sparks and cause dust explosions.

When the dust reaches a certain level in the drum, it will explode and bring great damage. Therefore, do everything possible to avoid dust explosions. Remove iron pieces to eliminate sparking.

Crushing generates a lot of dust, 0.4-1.4 kg of dust per 100 kg of malt. We must remove this dust. Small breweries use bags to remove the dust. Large breweries collect the dust in dust bins. It can be sold together with the spent grain.

Part 2.
Weight measurement
The saccharification feed must be correctly recorded for each pot. And it is evaluated by two indicators.
The yield of the brewery
Calculate the malt used to brew 1000 liters of beer.

The Introduce Of Malt Dry Crush
The Introduce Of Malt Dry Crush