The Second And Third Generation Chiller
The Second And Third Generation Chiller
Can I Brewing With Pure Water
Can I Brewing With Pure Water?

The Ideal CIP System For Industrial Brewery

For nano or micro breweries, CIP systems are always very simple with caustic soda tanks and sterilization tanks. Of course, this is feasible and reasonable. After all, nano and micro breweries are not very large and can easily be cleaned thoroughly. But for industrial breweries, >=5000L, the ideal CIP system should have 5 tanks, caustic soda tank, acid tank, sterilization tank, disinfection water tank and recirculation disinfection water tank.

  1. Caustic soda tank
    The caustic soda tank is used to store caustic soda liquid. Normally, this tank must be heated, electrically or by steam, so that the caustic soda liquid can be heated to a certain temperature to remove organic contaminants.
  2. Acid tank
    The acid detergent can be nitric acid, etc. It can remove the beer stone formed on the shell.
  3. Biocide tank
    Biocide tank is used to store a certain concentration of biocide.
  4. Sterilization water tank
    Sterilization water can clean the residual sterilant in the tank, which can further improve the sterilization effect in the tank.
  5. Circulating sterilization water tank
    The tank is mainly used to recycle sterilization water for pre-cleaning other tanks.

In addition, in the CIP system should also add pumps, acid and alkali, sterilization, disinfection water feeders and filters.

The Ideal CIP System For Industrial Brewery
The Ideal CIP System For Industrial Brewery

What is the difference between whirlpool and hops?

During the brewing process, brewers usually add different types of hops to brew different styles of beer. However, in order to clarify the wort, we also need to filter the substances after adding the hops, and they can go through different processes, such as whirlpooling. They can also be filtered through a hop back.
But what is the difference between them?

The function of the whirlpool and the hop back are different, although they are both used for filtration.

The whirlpool removes hot condensate and hop particles.

For the hop back, it has a filter plate inside.
It is used to filter leafy hops (some brewers add leafy/fresh hops to the wort after the whirlpool to add flavor to the wort).
However, whirlpooling does not remove leafy hops.