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The difference between beer filtration and beer brewing water filtration

Beer filtration is a very important production process in the beer production process.

It is related to the appearance and taste of beer, as well as biological stability and non-biological stability.

Make it at least within the shelf life of the appearance of changes, thus ensuring the perfect appearance of beer quality.

In the mature beer after fermentation, a small amount of coagulum such as yeast and protein is suspended in the liquor, causing the beer to become turbid during storage. Therefore, it must be removed through a filtration process.

Beer filtration is a physical process that uses filter media to separate and remove tiny particles suspended in beer from the liquor, so that the beer is clear and transparent without suspended matter.

The beer brewing water filtration method is generally divided into four filtration processes.

They are ultrafiltration membrane filtration, activated carbon filtration, alkaline neutralization, and precision filtration.

First, the ultrafiltration membrane is used as the filter element to perform ultrafiltration filtration of beer water to filter large particulate impurities in the beer water;

Secondly, use activated carbon to filter and remove peculiar smell in the wine with high adsorption, deodorization, decolorization, and organic matter removal;

The third filter is alkaline neutralization. Because the water used for brewing beer is too acidic.

It is necessary to use alkaline particles to neutralize the acidity in the water to balance the acidity and alkalinity; finally.

The PP pleated filter element is used as the filter element to maximize the water. Fine impurities are removed.

The water source filtered through four complete processes can meet the standards for brewing beer.