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The difference between barley malt and barley for brewing novices



The new contact brewing enthusiasts are not very clear about why they use malt. Today, the difference between barley malt and barley is briefly stated.

In conclusion:Beer is brewed using malt, barley is made into malt and used for brewing

Why use malt germ instead of wheat?

Germination is a physiological and biochemical process. The purpose of germination is to produce a large amount of enzymes in wheat granules and to increase the growth of some non-activated enzymes in wheat granules, and to decompose starch, protein and hemicellulose and other high-molecular substances in wheat granules. To meet the need for saccharification

It is popular to say that sprouting is to activate the enzymes in the wheat, so that the starch and enzymes in the endosperm can come in contact with each other, so as to facilitate the action of enzymes during saccharification, and the enzyme in the wheat is not activated. If the saccharification occurs, the starch paste comes out!

A portion of barley or wheat can be added to improve the special taste of the brewing craft beer. The added barley or wheat is treated as a supplementary material. Generally, the addition amount is 20% to 30% and the highest amount is 50% (the principle is to use The enzymes in the malt decompose their starch).

For example, barley flakes (less germinated barley) are usually used in ShiTao. The proteins they contain (because the proteins in barley are not broken down by their own enzymes, they are all high-molecular proteins) can provide long-lasting foam and a thick sense of beer. It needs to be saccharified together with basic barley malt.