Wort Cooling
Wort Cooling
Direct Fire Hated Brewhouse
Direct Fire Hated Brewhouse

The Cooling For Conical Fermenter

Fermenter:When yeast is fermenting heat is generated during the fermentation process. In order for fermentation and maturation to take place at the set temperature, cooling is necessary. This is the fermenter.

Methods of cooling

Indirect cooling method and direct cooling method.
1) Indirect cooling method
The refrigerant is a mixture of ethanol or ethylene glycol and water. It will be cooled in the evaporator of the chiller. The temperature is controlled at about -5℃, mainly used for wort and fermenter cooling.
2)Direct cooling method
Liquid ammonia absorbs the heat in the conical fermenter directly in the evaporator, and then the wort is cooled.

Cooling jacket

1)Indirect cooling method. A mixture of ethanol or glycol and water is passed through the cooling jacket. It uses horizontal flow piping where the liquid enters from the bottom and then exits from the top. It must be able to be at rest under the pressure of coolant
2) Direct cooling method
The refrigerant in the cooling jacket is liquid ammonia, and the flow method is vertical. The working pressure can reach about 1.16MPA.

Related accessories for conical fermenters

Part 1.
Top device of the tank

1) Positive pressure protection valve
When the pressure of the fermenter is very high, it can be dangerous. So a positive pressure protection valve must be installed. The pressure of an empty tank varies a lot. The larger the capacity, the greater the risk. It needs to be installed on the top of the tank.

2)Vacuum valve
Large tanks are sensitive to vacuum, small negative pressure can cause the shape of the tank to change. And this is more risky than overpressure. Even a small change in temperature can lead to a change in gas volume.

3)CIP cleaning device

The second part.
Other accessories of fermentation tank

1) Thermometer
Installed in the upper and lower part (about 1/3)
2) Liquid level display
3) Pressure gauge or pressure sensor
The pressure in the tank must be checked during fermentation and maturation of the beer.
4) Liquid level detector (minimum and maximum values)
5) Sampling device
6) Inspection port

Part 3.
Piping connections and valves

1)Hard pipe diverter
2)Valve seat and valve array.

The Cooling For Conical Fermenter
The Cooling For Conical Fermenter