How to understand beer equipment
The Types of beer equipment

The characteristics of beer beer equipment

The equipment process is simple, easy to operate, brewing at room temperature, and storage at room temperature: The fundamental difference between the room temperature process and the low temperature process is that it does not require the complex process of raw material crushing → mash → boiling → filtration → wort. Because the beer raw material used is processed “wort”, it can be directly fermented with water and does not require low-temperature operation. The entire brewing process is carried out at room temperature, and the brewed beer is suitable for storage at room temperature.

Short brewing cycle, long shelf life, nutrition and freshness: The beer produced by the room temperature brewing process is purely nutritious fresh beer, without filtering and high temperature sterilization, so that the beer retains its unique flavor and nutritional ingredients. The brewing cycle only needs 4-6 days, and the shelf life of the brewed beer can reach more than 3-6 months.

Variety, freshness, consumption, and profit: according to the different needs of customers for beer tastes, dark beer, yellow beer, wheat beer, ginger beer and other varieties can be brewed, and a variety of beauty and health functions can also be brewed liqueur. Such as: green beer; chrysanthemum beer, cactus beer, pinot beer, wolfberry beer, papaya beer, etc. The flavors can be adjusted at will, and each flavor can also be produced in a variety of high, medium and low-end price types, satisfying the welcome of consumers.