G.O.A.T. Hazy Ipa Now Part Of Our Core Ranges Beers
G.O.A.T. Hazy Ipa Now Part Of Our Core Range Beers
Setting Up The Black Hops Quality Lab

Enlist In The Black Hops Brewing Reserves & Enter The Hornet Brewing Comp (Ends May 29)

For the latest information, please click here on the Stout Hops Reserve page.
As the 2019 Coronavirus disease continues to spread, we will be adding to the Stout Brewing Team for those who volunteer to enlist.

Those who enlist will be part of an elite home brew camp where you will be equipped with all the ingredients to make your own authentic stout hoppy beer and submit it to a group of senior officers for judging.

Those who make the brewing ranks have the opportunity to earn the honor of being a championship medalist in each of our core series styles, and ultimately the honor of being the overall Stout Prep Team Champion.

If you choose to accept, your reserves home brewing assignment.

We are looking for the best Core Series beers to be brewed by you, our loyal reserves. Each month for the next 6 months we will be releasing a recipe for our Core Series beers: Pale Ale, Hornet, Super Hornet, Thunder Day, Send It, and Midrange.

You can make your own all-grain recipe, or if you’re local, we’ll be releasing a fresh wort kit that includes a beer brewed on dark hops and all the ingredients needed to brew that month’s Core Series beer at your home camp.

Once your arsenal is stocked and you’ve followed our reserves recipe and brewed one dark hoppy beer per month, please send us a bottle to be judged by the dark hop tasting panel. Make sure you drink the rest of the beer (responsibly) before the detonation date. Bumblebee is the first.

Brew Family Mission 1: Bumblebee IPA

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Your first homemade task is to make your own version ofDark Hops Bumblebee IPA. you can find the recipe and ingredient list here.

For local recruits looking reserves for fresh wort packets of Bumblebee ingredients, you can find that product here.
In order to be eligible to be judged by the tasting panel, you will need to have a bottle of your beer delivered to Hornet’s home by May 29, 2020.

The tasting panel will assess how well each entry aligns with the Hornet’s Faithful Brand Guidelines for.
Appearance: Light golden color with slight yeast cloudiness and white foam.
Aroma: Medium to high tropical fruit hops and low caramel malt aroma.

Flavor: low to medium sweet malt with a medium hop bitterness.
Mouthfeel: Light on the palate with a dry, medium reserves carbonation and a slightly warm body.
Dark Hop Brewing Reserve Monthly Judging Process

Each month the beers submitted to the judges will receive a gold, silver, bronze or no medal (honorable mention) based on the True Brand Guidelines for Stout Hops.

This will be followed by reserves a monthly Zoom competition, where all gold medal winners will be announced, as well as the overall winner medal winner for each month’s beer style.


All gold medalists will receive a special dark hop reserve gold pin. Eager preppers are encouraged to work on collecting pins for reserves all six core series beers.

Overall championship medalists will receive the following honors.
A one-time championship medal for that beer.

A 20% discount on Core Series beers for 12 months at the Stout Hops restaurant or website.
Automatic entry into the year-end Grand Prix brewing phase.
Grand Champion success.

At the end of each monthly brew, all Champion medalists will make a presentation for the Grand Champion Brew.
Contestants will be assigned a top reserves secret brewing task. At the end of the final judging, the overall Stout Prep Champion title will be announced.

The Grand Champion will receive the prestigious Stout Reserve Champion Coin, entitling them to a 20% discount on stout beers for 12 months and bragging rights at our first annual Stout Reserve AGM.
Stout Reserve Annual General Meeting

The Stout Reserve Annual General Meeting is an exclusive reserves event for all Stout Brewing Reserves who submit a bottle of beer for judging. The ceremony will include
Collective Brew Day

Educational sessions
Drinking beer (our shout)
Crowning of the 2020 Overall Black Hop Champion.

Got a question?
All participants will receive support through the Black Hops Ambassadors on Facebook and will be able to ask questions as they go.

Join the reserve team
Enter your details reserves here to join the Dark Hops Brewing Reserve.

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