Raw materials for beer brewing – malt

Why do you want to make wheat? The raw state of the grain seeds is quite hard and contains firm and full starch to preserve the nutrients needed for future germination. Seeds are the main reproductive organs of plants. They must be able to hide in the soil for a long winter. If necessary, they may have to survive several colds and heats. When the spring land, the seeds are full of water, and then sprout new sprouts, emerging young leaves, and after the heading is filled with new seeds, continue […]

The difference between barley malt and barley for brewing novices

The new contact brewing enthusiasts are not very clear about why they use malt. Today, the difference between barley malt and barley is briefly stated. In conclusion:Beer is brewed using malt, barley is made into malt and used for brewing Why use malt germ instead of wheat? Germination is a physiological and biochemical process. The purpose of germination is to produce a large amount of enzymes in wheat granules and to increase the growth of some non-activated enzymes in wheat granules, and to d […]