What is hops? (definition of hops)

Many people think that beer is “the juice of hops.” In fact, the proportion of hops is less than one percent of beer. Hops and marijuana family The hops and marijuana belong to the cannabis family, which has independent support for marijuana, and hops need to be attached to other objects. These two crops are grown to obtain resin-filled female flowers, which contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a well-known psychotropic drug, and hops are rich in a acid, which can bring extraordinary […]

The use of hops

The special taste of hops The original use of hops was to preserve beer, where alpha acids have a bacteriostatic effect, not killing bacteria and other microorganisms, but prevent them from multiplying, which is good for long-term preservation of beer. A acid has a strong bitter taste and can stimulate the taste buds. When a person’s taste buds meet bitterness for the first time, they will instinctively produce disgust. This is a normal reaction and part of human evolution. Many poisonous […]