10HL 3 Vascular Steam Plus Heat Bubble Equipment

Large Mini Brewery

Large, multi-can, 5-30bbl brewery production
Mini brewery full of brewing equipment

10HL 3 Vascular Steam Plus Heat Bubble Equipment provides a complete brewing system solution for brewery expansion.

The advantages of this brewery are brewing flexible, specially designed customized brewery systems to meet the different needs of brewing batches. Preliminary equipped with 6 * 20 HL fermenter. There is also a sufficient fermentation control point in the control system for the second year of expansion.

We are a global leader in brewery manufacturing. Pay on time delivery.
High cost-effective beer equipment, beautiful appearance, quality multiplication. Highly automated.
Space size and budget-friendly custom design equipment, custom brewery. Free consultant and design.
Standard Brewery Configuration and Optional Device Options provide customers with very large budget development space.

10HL 3 Vascular Steam Plus Heat Bubble Equipment Features:

  • MT, LT & KT / WP three cans combination beerry.
  • Steam heating using the related steam pipes and accessories.
  • 1 x PLC + HMI brewery semi-automation control system.
  • Each MT, LT and KT /
  • WP include 3 wheat juice VFD pumps.
  • 1 x Triple Brew Length 304 SS HLT with steam jacket.
  • 1 x triple Brew length 304 SS cold wine tank with double ethylene glycol jacket.
  • 1 x 5vestels SS Working Platform with Health Process Pipelines and Hygiene Valves.
  • 3 sanitary malt pumps with shift control.
  • Wheard rice.
  • 1 x tube heat exchanger for quick cooling wheat sauce prior to vortex or pickles.
  • 1 x Two-level hygiene heat exchanger and wheat juice aeration system.
  • 1 X after the hot and cold water mixing station.
  • 5 x fuel tank lamp assembly.
  • 1 x mash hydrated components.
  • 1 x wine cellar set with beer hoses, valves and accessories.
  • 1 x Upgrade Two Roller Meridium Machine – 1000kg / HR.
  • 1 x grain flexible spiral drill.
  • 6 fermenters / single cans – twice a bubble time.
  • 1 x ethylene glycol cooler.
  • 1 x 3 Container portable mining CIP, 304 SS and VFD controllers.
  • 1 x Portable 500 milliliter wheat sauce sample cooling equipment.
  • 1 x CAD layout, installation assistance, assembly, training.

10HL 3 Vascular Steam Plus Heat Bubble Equipment Option:

  • Fully automatic function is optional.
  • CIP is automatically upgraded.
  • Winery / cellar remote control.
  • Main steam pipe safety / regulator valve assembly.
  • Manual / automatic caile machine.
  • 1 x Portable flowmeter.
  • 1 x portable pump.
  • 1 x jumping storm.
  • 1 x yeast edge.
  • 1 x jump back.
  • AS / PED certification of the cellar can.

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