12HL 3 Can Steam Brewing Equipment

Large Mini Brewery

Large, multi-can, 5-30bbl brewery production
Mini brewery full of brewing equipment

12HL 3 Can Steam Brewing Equipment is the initial device set by micro brewery.

We focus on the quality control and automation function of brewing system. Our brewing equipment has the most convenient experience and cost performance, which can build any automatic brewing system, we are China’s best choice. I am very happy to receive your inquiry for You Long brewing equipment, let us work together.

We can accept custom brewing systems from consulting to manufacturing.
We designed and quality for every customer with far-peer beer equipment.
High cost-effective beer equipment, beautiful appearance, quality multiplication. Highly automated. 24-hour super service.
Standard Brewery Configuration and Optional Device Options provide customers with very large budget development space.

12HL 3 Can Steam Brewing Equipment Features:

  • 1 x mash / lauter tun container with a shaft system and a side grain door.
  • 1 brewing bottle / swirl container with immersed heating elements and side stacking steam condenser.
  • One double brewed length hot liquid tank with immersed heating elements.
  • 1 x SS SKID-TYPE work platform with hygiene technology pipelines and health valves and pumps and PHX all assembled on SKID.
  • Two shot-controlled hygiene malt pumps.
    1 x SS HLT pump with shift control.
    3 x malt.
  • 1 x Two-level hygiene heat exchanger and wheat juice aeration system.
  • 1 X Water flow meter with additional panel.
    1 x Celisted, control panel (temperature controller).
  • 2 X fuel tank lamp assembly.
    1 x mash hydrated components.
    4 fermenters / single can – monochable or double cup length.
  • 1 x BRITE Beer Tank – Single Cup or Double Cup Length.
  • 1 x ethylene glycol cooler.
  • 1 x Double Brew Length Ethylene glycol.
  • 1 x ss glycolpump with shift control.
    1 cellar control panel (temperature controller) with RTD and solenoid valve.
  • 1 x Portable hygienic CIP / Wheat pump, SS cart and VFD controller.
  • 1 x spare parts and transport hose packages.
  • 1 x CAD and 3D drawings, installation assistance, assembly, training.

12HL 3 Can Steam Brewing Equipment Option:

  • Steam heating or direct heating.
  • Triple ship type.
  • PLC + HMI belt automatic valve.
  • Cold liquid tank and CLT pump with shift control.
  • 1 x SS cereal hopper.
  • 1 x flex spiral drill.
  • 1 x Two roller maltoplasses.
  • 1 x double-head bucket machine.
  • 1 x Manual bucket.
  • 1 x bottle filling cass.
  • AS / PED certification.
  • UL / CUL certification.

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