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Black Hops And Key Southport Venues Launch Southporter Beer

Gold Coast independent craft brewery Black Hops, the recent winner of the Queensland Royal Food and Wine Show Beer Awards, has been rapidly building its reputation as a premium experimental brewer over the past 12 months, producing an average of one unique new beer per week. 

These creative blends go hand-in-hand with the regular “core series” available year-round, and feature prominently in limited-edition beer festivals at GABS and Black Hops restaurants.

The latest limited edition beer will be part of the Black Hops legacy, a dark winter beer known as SouthPorter. The name reflects both the style of the beer itself and a toast to the suburb of Southport, located at the northern end of the Gold Coast.

It is brewed at Biggera Waters’ new Blacks Hops II brewery, in collaboration with the supporting owners of the North Gold Coast venue, such as Aaron Woolams, from the Last Night On Earth bar.

Black Hops And Key Southport Venues Launch Southporter Beer

Michael McGowan, head of the dark hop brewery, said of the brewery’s first attempt at a porter-style beer: “We have a good track record of brewing stouts, and with winter fast approaching, it made sense to add a porter to our range for a short period of time.

 It’s also nice to be able to give southporter a sneaky shout out to our North Gold Coast supporters.”

Launch party

SouthPorter will launch on the weekend of June 15 at a launch party on Earth last night. Based on previous experience, SouthPorter won’t be around long before the barrel is empty. 

So, start attending the launch event or one southporter of the following Southport venues from (add the date the beer arrives on tap) to get some.

Last Night on Earth, Southport
Mr. Southport
Southport Venus Dive Bar

Kickoff Party Facebook Event Link
Tasting Notes
SouthPorter – 5.4% ABV

Bringing Southport’s craft beer community together for this unique concert of local, premium beers, held only in the community of the same name. 

This is a brown porter with soft caramel and chocolate southporter notes and a smooth finish, brewed in a traditional style that originated in central London in the late 17th century.

Black Hops And Key Southport Venues Launch Southporter Beer

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