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Semi-Pro Brewing Co. Sells To Black Hops Brewing

After years of knowing each other and spending many beer nights together, Black Hops Brewing is forging ties and formalizing the relationship with Semi-Pro Brewing Co. to house one of southeast Queensland’s most popular independent breweries in Brisbane.
From October 26, Semi Pro Brewing’s sells 10 hl production space and 100 seat restaurant in East Brisbane will become Black Hops Brewing’s production facility and restaurant in Brisbane.
Semi Pro Brewing owner, founder and brewer Mick Guy will continue sells to be the ‘head on-site brewer’ for Black Hops Brisbane, with co-owners Siena Perry and Shaun Stubley remaining involved.

Although ultimately, it is difficult to achieve a consistent standard of excellence in all beers. Brewing any style of beer contains many variables that can go awry, no matter how good your quality control process is. Brewing a complex beer, such as an IPA, 

that tastes good all the time can also be a challenge, as you need to integrate sells and harmonize stronger hop flavors. No amount of “hopping out” can cover up a beer that is full of diacetyl or microbial infection.

Pilsner beers are a very special kind of beer. To understand their relationship, think of it this way: a Pilsner beer is as different from a Lager beer as an IPA beer is from a pale ale – it’s a stronger, more intense style.

 It all comes down to the flavor components sells of the beer world known as hops, especially the noble hop varieties typically used with Pilsner beers.
The Pilsners take their name from the Czech city of Pilsen, where Bavarian brewer Josef Groll was asked to lend his German beer brewing expertise in response to the mass dumping of 36 barrels of contaminated beer in the 19th century. 

Groll took advantage of the region’s unique supply of “soft” water (to enhance the subtle flavors of the grains) and took advantage of the generosity of local specialty beers with the help of “Saaz” hops, the iconic noble variety of hops.
Thus, in 1842, the world’s first pale ale, the iconic Pilsner Urquell, was born, defined by its pale gold color, crisp flavor and more “bite” (i.e., bitterness) than standard beer. The recipe proved to be timeless, and the beer style eventually adopted the name of this original idea.

Over time, some breweries have adapted these basic ingredients and brewing methods to reduce costs and thus produce beers with less flavor and aroma, and these beers have been renamed “American Light”
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Semi Pro Brewing Co. was founded in 2015 as a gypsy beer company and opened in East Brisbane in March 2018. It has been East Brisbane’s second living room for the past two and a half years and has received great support from the local community and regulars.

Mick Gay said, “We are very excited about what we can achieve together in this next phase and I am personally excited to join the dark hop production team at Goffs and other breweries.” .

“Everyone at the Half-Parent family is very grateful to all the regulars and locals who have become friends, shared some bloody fun times and raised a glass with us. We are so confident in our stout hops reputation for a great restaurant experience that we are entitled to sells take it to the next level.” .

Dan Norris, Co-Founder and CEO of Black Hops Brewing said “Having grown up in Brisbane, I’m personally excited to sells finally have Black Hops in my home town. 2014 saw the launch of Black Hops at the semi-professional bar at HooHa bar in South Brisbane. 

2016 saw the launch of Black Hops at the Brewsvegas HooHa bar amateur hour event. We even shared the stage with semi-pros to discuss starting a craft brewery. So it’s kind of sells serendipitous to be working with these legends four years later to create our Brisbane home.

The restaurant will be closed on sells Monday 26 October for a quick refueling and will reopen shortly after as Black Hops Brisbane.