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San Diego California 5BBL Kombucha Tank

fter Mr. Ryan received 2 pieces 150L unitank in port of San Diego, he feels very satisfied for our tank quality, service and delivery time, the most important reason is the competitive price.


At same time, Mr. Rayan have a friend looking for 2 pieces competitive price 5BBL Kombucha tank fermentation tank, We were immediately recommended to his friend. No more than ten emails, we confirmed all the questions.

Q. I am looking for a brite tank 5BBL and would perfer it short & fat. The tank 2 manways installed on the top, they are brewing kombucha and plan to leave the manways open during fermentation.  Is this something you guys can handle?

R. There have 2 point i need focus on, the tank style and manway quantity. I send you a drawing later to confirm what we can handle.

Q. The only think would like to add would be an air stone. can you put it around the same area as the sample valve? Also I would like you to add a safety valve to the top of this tank, just in case… Can you also confirm that your 5BBL is american BBL=31gallons?

R. If customer want adding Co2 during fermentation processing, normally we install carbonation stone for customer, it will have same level with sample valve. If there should have a safety valve(pressure vacuum relief valve), it will cooperate with Mechanical pressure relief valve. 1BBL=117L=31 gallons.

Q. One more the Pressure gauge needs to be sanitary and read in PSI & BAR. Do you have a sanitary base for that gauge?

R. The pressure gauge needs to be sanitary and read in PSI&BAR OK ok for us, we just need tell our supplier all of your requests, and the sanitary pressure gauge means diaphragm pressure gauge, the base is sealed so no liquid can get up into the gauge.

After collect so many useful information, customer chose as his supplier, and confirmed the drawings.