Tips On Electric Power Arrangement
Tips On Electric Power Arrangement
Two Stage Heat Exchanger
Two Stage Heat Exchanger

Safety Valve For The Beer Brewing Equipment

On fermenters and bright beer tanks, it is very important to have a safety valve.
It is a mechanical one: it has a spring inside. It is also called a breather valve because it protects the tank in case of excessive pressure or vacuum.
It is a necessary component on fermenters and bright beer tanks of microbrewery equipment.
Beer fermenter pressure and vacuum relief valve safety valve
This valve is easy to remove and clean. Available with 15 lb. and 25 lb. pressure springs. The relief pressure can be adjusted down by 5 pounds and the valve will open at 0.089 pounds of vacuum. All stainless steel body construction.
The non-fouling steel sanitary pressure/vacuum relief valve is a self-acting device designed to keep the tank in proper working order. It can either release air from the tank to maintain pressure or absorb air into the tank to prevent vacuum.

Safety Valve For The Beer Brewing Equipment
Safety Valve For The Beer Brewing Equipment


Fixed at 15PSI/30PSI (1bar or 2ba)
Vacuum level fixed at -1.5PSI
Stainless steel SS304
1 1/2″ triple clamp fitting
All springs are SS304
1 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship
Seals 30 days. All valves require periodic maintenance
Used to protect tanks from overpressure or vacuum Required for most tanks under warranty.
Standard Design
Available sizes: 1-1.5′, 2′, 2.5′.
Installation: Should be installed above the tank
Connection: Butt weld, clamp, or other requirements
Technical Specification
Working pressure: 14.5psi/1bar (standard), can be pre-set before production
Temperature range: medium

The pressure can also be customized to 2 bar or 3 bar. some brewers like their beer to have a strong CO2, so they customize it to 3 bar.

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