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Relationship Between Football and Beer

football and beerFootball and beer are the theme of this summer. We do not want to tell you about what kind of beer in this country should be equipped with such a boring story of beer, want to come to you do not care. We will explain our biggest discovery since the summer: What is the relationship between beer and football? Football dog dedication for you!

Origin! Football and Beer Birth

Ancient football was invented in China. According to the book “Don’t Record” written by Liu Xiang in the Western Han Dynasty, the legend was written by the Yellow Emperor. The Ming Tai Ping Qing Dialect also stated that “Taping begins with Xuan Hou”, which also illustrates this point. In other words, the invention of ancient football has so far been around 5,000 years old. As early as 5,000 years ago, the Chinese had already enjoyed the pleasure of drinking beer. At the Mijiaya site in Xi’an, Chinese and American researchers discovered the evidence of brewing beer 5000 years ago. This is the earliest evidence of wine found in China.

Nowadays the first sport and the most popular style

On October 26th, 1863, the world’s largest sports modern football was born. On this day, the British established the world’s first football association, the English Football Association, at the Freemason Hotel in London’s Queen Street.

In addition to the formal establishment of the English Football Association, the meeting also formulated and passed the world’s first more unified football competition rules and recorded them in written form. It also set the first principle that the ball could not be touched by hand in the game, and the party that persisted in opposing it started another sport, football.

In the 19th century, the most popular craft beer style, IPA, was born in the United Kingdom and exported to India. Later, local brewers started to promote their products with India Pale Ale, making it gradually become the more popular beer style in the UK. Since then, IPA has officially entered people’s lives. With the continuing British colonial movement, this type of beer has also been brought to the rest of the world.

War is the root cause of destruction

On that day, Soviet tanks entered Budapest at night. The “Colonel” Puskas and “Gold Head” Kirchzett were playing in Spain at the time. After a long mistake, they knew that the place called the motherland would never return.

Later, they joined Real Madrid and one changed to Barcelona. From then on, a pair of gold partners have no chance to fight side by side. And their national team data is permanently set in the horrible 85 goals with 84 goals and 68 goals and 75 goals. The Hungarian football once invincible has been buried for the time.

The war forced the development of beer to be stopped. The beer industry in many countries has been hit hard. During World War I, British military minister George said the following: “At this moment, we are fighting with Germany, Austria and beer. Among the three untainted enemies, the most evil is beer, which is better than German submarines. The damage we bring is even greater.”

In Germany, where the war was on the other side, the brewery was also destroyed. Taking Cologne as an example, the number of breweries after the Second World War reduced from more than 120 in the peak period to 21.

The rise of the German chariot

“Rahn shot! – The ball is in! The ball is in! The ball is in! I’m going crazy…” The mournful jealousy of radio journalist Zimmerman was deeply embedded in the collective memory of the Germans. In the Swiss World Cup final, Germany played in Hungary against Bern. In the case of the underdog, the “underdog” Germany team scored 3 goals with tenacity and won the World Cup for the first time, creating the “Bern Miracle”.

Football is not invented by the Germans, but each time other countries have a talented team of players, it is mentioned that they lack the steely awareness of the Germans. Only this point, no one can expect it.

Beer was not invented by the Germans, but no civilization has so far surpassed Germany in beer tradition and brewing technology. The German’s lower fermentation method gave birth to modern industrial beer. After far away from the war, the continuous improvement of laws and regulations and the quest for excellence in brewing technology have made beer a German business card.

The Revival of the European Red Devils

“This game is simply a devil possessed!” Pele shook his head helplessly. This story took place on April 24, 1963, when Belgium defeated world champion Brazil 5:1 at home. You know, the Brazilian team at the time had just defended and won their second World Cup championship in history.

As a result, the Belgian team “Red Devils” nicknamed the wildest. In the six years of the 80’s, the best results of the team’s history in the European Cup runner-up and the World Cup were successively created, and the end of it was a much bigger player, Diego Armando Maradona. Into the 21st century, the Belgian football once again rises, once ranked first in the world.

The World Guide To Beer, published in 1977, is the world’s first book that separates beer styles. The author, Michael Jackson, introduced beer from all over the world in the book and allowed more people to discover Belgium, an unknown beer kingdom. The number of brewery and beer types in this small country in Belgium is amazing, and there are as many as a hundred kinds of beer varieties available in many beer halls. Many people who have contacted Belgian beer for the first time will be overwhelmed by numerous choices.

Under the impetus of Michael Jackson, Belgian wineries began to recover. The abbey which had been a long time away became the “king of the ball” in the beer world, and even once took the top spot on the big beer list.

Captain America’s Awakening

In 1994, the fifteenth World Cup was held in the United States. This is the first World Cup held in the United States. Compared with other sports, American football is not worth mentioning. Americans are stubborn, and the state will never invest a large amount of taxpayer’s money in projects that do not have market value. The gold medal will also be given place in the sports industry. Their swimming, athletics and basketball are known as the Dream Team, and the Rugby, Baseball and Hockey League are also world renowned.

What American football shows is a positive aspect of young people. Although the degree of professionalization is not high, the popularity rate is high. Their football has a distinctive style, a solid but not defensive defense, and a quick and effective counterattack. Especially physical strength is very good, all of them can not run dead, this has become the tradition of American football.

In the 1990s, the United States’ brewing industry was in a period of rapid development. The American fine brewery reflected the culture of multi-dimensional culture in this country. The more exaggerated American spirit was used by them in hops. After that, the Americans’ redefined IPA dominated the entire world.

For many big plans, 30 years is not long, but it turns out that the American craft brewery has imprinted indelible and continued expansion of cultural imprint in its own country and other countries.

Uncle Sam’s Domination

Compared to the NFL who are in full swing and the earth stars of the world have sharpened their heads and want to drill in, it is more like a college student league. The Major League Soccer (MLS) has not been abandoned. After the new millennium, Beckham joined the Los Angeles Galaxy and became the newest member of the MLS.

With Beckham’s joining, MLS has attracted worldwide attention, and the popularity and league level have skyrocketed, attracting a large number of former European Red Stars. Robbie Keane, Henry, Nesta, Villa and other European players have come to vote. MSL has also become one of the most watched leagues in the world.

These changes benefited from the new generation of wineries, in addition to improving production, but also try to make a different beer. From the traditional customs, ancient documents, and even wine analysis, they found the original beer. The winemakers once again set their sights on Europe. This type of beer has restored ancient winemaking recipes. Some of them rarely use hops in order to get close to the original taste of beer. These moves made the American beer dominate the world and caused a brewing trend.

The appearance of supernovas such as Japan

The magic of football has fascinated the entire world, as have many emerging countries. In the 90s of last century, the Japan J League was established. The game mode of operation to learn English Bundesliga, the introduction of many international big names star.

In 2002, the successful hosting of the Japan and South Korea World Cup further encouraged Japanese football to be at the forefront of Asian football for the rest of the year. Honda Keisuke, Kagawa Shinji and other players played in the European League and became the thighs of their respective teams.

The same is true of the magic of craft beer. In 1994, the Japanese government lifted the ban on the construction of small breweries. Afterwards, the number of Japanese craft brewery factories increased as a blowout, with up to more than 300.

After more than two decades of development, Japanese craft beer has already stood at the top of Asia and has become the best craft beer country in Asia. At the same time, many wineries’ products are also exported overseas and have won awards in international competitions.

Reincarnation! China’s recovery

In recent years, Chinese football has made remarkable progress under various efforts. Evergrande first won two cups in the AFC Champions League, and this year, two teams also made breakthroughs in the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League. The national team also got on the right track after the “frustration” was over. After a lapse of 15 years, it once again reached the top 12 and was proud of it.

In recent years, football and Chinese craft beer is also booming. Various home-brewed brands have sprung up like mushrooms; owners and winemakers of world-class craft brands have also come to China; fine-brewing, home-brewed beer associations have been established throughout the country; beer competitions, beer festivals are numerous; Our beer also won medals in international competitions.

These are the results of imbeer’s scientific research. what did you say? American football does not dominate, but only beer? Wrong, American football also won three World Cup championships, relying on … unique women’s football … just like the unique hops.

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