Our beer brewery equipment consists of milling system, mashing system, fermenting system, cooling system, control system and CIP system, of which the capacity can be customized from 100L to 5000L. We provide turnkey project, with the advantage of low energy consumption, small space occupation and easy for operation. The equipment can be designed according to different flavor, production and capacity. We offer professional and complete service before, during and after your purchasing. gned as two-vessel, three-vessel, four-vessel and five-vessel system, our qualified engineers will provide the most suitable choice for you.

Item list  Equipment100L200L300L500L1000L
Mashing SystemMash tun100L200L300L500L1000L
Lauter tun100L200L300L500L1000L
Wort pump1m3/h3m3/h3m3/h3m3/h3m3/h
Heat exchanger2m33m34m36m36m3
Wort Oxygenator (optional)accessoryaccessoryaccessoryaccessoryaccessory
Fermenting SystemFermentation tank100L / 6-8pcs200L / 6-8pcs300L / 6-8pcs500L / 6-8pcs1000L / 6-8pcs
Yeast tank2L2L3L5L10L
Bright beer tank (optional)100L200L300L500L1000L
Cooling SystemIce water tank300L500L800L1500L2000-3000L
Cooling machine3HP4HP5HP5HP5HP/Group
Ice water pump1.7m3/h1.7m3/h1.7m3/h1.7m3/h1.7m3/h
CIP SystemWashing tank50L / 2pcs50L / 2pcs50L / 2pcs50L / 2pcs100L / 2pcs
microbrewery tanks

Microbrewery Tanks

Mash system

  1. Fully insulated mash tun and brew kettle, designed for easy and efficient installation.
  2. 100% certified 304L sanitary food grade stainless steel in all of our components. Zero mild steel in our brewhouse, kettles or brew deck.
  3. Mash out manway and true Vee-Wire False Bottom for rapid and efficient cleanup.
  4. All necessary equipment to monitor the quality of the brew.
  5. Steam, Electric or Direct Fire for heating.
Microbrewery Tanks

Microbrewery Tanks

Fermentation System:

Our fermenters/unitanks and brite tanks(maturation) are designed specifically to meet unique and diverse brewing requirements. Whether small or large volume, customizable tanks are also available: single wall, un-jacketed and jacketed.

  1. 100% certified 304 sanitary food grade stainless steel in all of our components. Zero mild steel in our fermenter and BBT tanks.
  2. 360 Spray ball for effective CIP cleaning
  3. Manway for easy access to the interior of the tanks (for cleaning or inspection)
  4. Safety Pressure valve to protect the tanks from being over pressurized or creating negative pressure.
  5. Accessible sampling valve for beer monitoring
  6. Carbonation/Aeration Stone
microbrewery tanks

microbrewery tanks

Polishing Details:

  1. Mirror Polishing
    • Inside Polishing: Overall polishing to 0.2-0.4μm without dead corner .
    • Outside Polishing: Mirror polishing, smooth enough and passivating treatment.
    • Purpose: The tank itself has high precision and small details of the tanks have to be observed by a telescope.
    • Function: To make tanks become tidy and smooth, beautiful and durable.
    • 100% WIG Welding
  2. All welding is TIG welding.
    • All welding is double side welding.
    • Purpose: The use of argon on the protection of metal welding material, So that welding can not be in contact with oxygen in the air, thus preventing the oxidation of welding consumables.
    • Function: Make tanks become durable and strong.
  3. Plate bottom/Filter plate
    • Equipped in Mash/Lauter tank, Laser cutting T-wires, Plate gap: 0.8mm
    • This filter plate is made on a complete stainless by CNC lathe, it is strong, filter fast.