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wine bottling machine

wine bottling machine

First, the introduction:

This machine is a small beer/ wine filling equipment designed and developed by our company with the introduction of German technology and the characteristics of the beer/ wine production industry. This machine has excellent mechanical operation reliability, perfect flushing, filling, glanding, disinfection and sterilization.

Second, the structural characteristics:

  1. The bottle washer adopts high-strength spring-type stainless steel bottle clamp to ensure that the glass bottle can be smoothly turned over. The rinsing nozzle is a plum-like structure that can be flushed to the wall and bottom of the bottle to make the rinsing more clean.
  2. The filling machine adopts a spring-type mechanical lifting device to raise the glass bottle, the large bearing supports the wine cylinder, and adopts a guide rod type centering guiding structure, and has a pre-covering function.
  3. High-precision mechanical filling valve is adopted, and the liquid level and back pressure in the cylinder are controlled by variable signal proportional adjustment. The filling is fast, stable and accurate, and has a vacuum pumping function.
  4. Stainless steel gland plunger and mechanical stirring magnetic capper ensure the gland is hygienic and reliable. The hopper, the cap and the gland are all transmitted by the magnet, the gland is reliable, and the automatic unloading function is provided to reduce the bottle breaking rate.
  5. Replace the bottleneck air with a hot water foaming device before the gland to ensure that the oxygen content is less than 0.15mg/L.
  6. The filling machine has a machine for automatically closing the valve, breaking the bottle, and automatically removing the exhaust pipe.
  7. with a perfect CIP cleaning function, can wash the acid and alkali and hot water in the filling pipeline.
  8. All valves, tanks and pipes that come into contact with the materials are made of stainless steel N304 material, and the inner and outer walls are mirror-polished to ensure no sanitary corners.
  9. The whole machine adopts manual dry oil lubrication system to make equipment maintenance and maintenance more convenient.
  10. The whole machine adopts advanced man-machine interface operation, PLC control, variable frequency stepless speed regulation and other automatic control technology, with no bottle open valve, no cover, lack of cover, and other safety protection functions.

Third, the main technical parameters:

  • Number of bottle washing machine: 6
  • Number of filling heads: 6
  • Capping machine number: 1
  • Yield: 500 ml per hour, 500 ml
  • Applicable bottle type: bottle height 200~350mm; bottle diameter Φ52~Φ84mm
  • Sterile air consumption: 0.2m3/min (0.4~0.6Mpa)
  • Co2 consumption: 18g/100L
  • Water consumption: vacuum pump 0.2m3/h; purge 0.3m3/h
  • Working voltage AC 380V
  • Control voltage DC 24V
  • Installed capacity:
  • Main motor 1.8 KW
  • Hopper motor 0 .37KW
  • Vacuum pump motor 0.75 KW
  • Spray pump 0.55Kw (user-supplied)
  • Chain motor 0.75Kw (user-supplied)
  • Equipment dimensions: 1600 × 1500 × 2100 (length × width × height)
  • Equipment weight (approx.): 1800 Kg

Fourth, the main configuration of the equipment

  1. Touch screen Japan Mitsubishi Corporation
  2. PLC controller, inverter Japan Mitsubishi Corporation
  3. proximity switches, contactors, circuit breakers Japan Omron, Siemens
  4. cylinder, solenoid valve Taiwan Yadeke Company



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