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300L hotel brewery equipment

used hotel equipment

micro brew system

micro brew system

Shandong Ruijia Beer Brewing Equipment Co., Ltd is one of Asia high-end craft beer brewing equipment manufacturer.

The main production are large industrial beer beer brewing equipment, factory craft beer brewing equipment, hotel and bar beer brewing equipment, Teaching lab beer brewing equipment, household beer brewing equipment, wine brewing equipment, beer bottle filling/washing machine. We also involved in the beer brewing equipment upgrade project.

used hotel equipment

used hotel equipment

*Capacity: 100L-50000L/customization

*Material: SUS304/316 or red copper

*Different combination of brewhouse for your choice:

-2 veseels: Mash/lauter tun +Brew kettle/whirlpool

Mash/brew kettle+Lauter/whirlpool

-3 vessels: Mash/brew kettle+Lauter tun+Whirlpool tun

Mash tun +Lauter tun+Brew kettle/whirlpool

-4 vessels: Mash tun, Lauter tun, Brew kettle, Whirlpool

Optional: Hot liquor tank or cold liquor tank

*Heating method: Electricity/Steam/Direct gas fire

Item listEquipment100L200L300L500L1000L
Mashing SystemMash tun100L200L300L500L1000L
Lauter tun100L200L300L500L1000L
Wort pump1m3/h3m3/h3m3/h3m3/h3m3/h
Heat exchanger2m33m34m36m36m3
Wort Oxygenator (optional)accessoryaccessoryaccessoryaccessoryaccessory
Fermenting SystemFermentation tank100L / 6-8pcs200L / 6-8pcs300L / 6-8pcs500L / 6-8pcs1000L / 6-8pcs
Yeast tank2L2L3L5L10L
Bright beer tank (optional)100L200L300L500L1000L
Cooling SystemIce water tank300L500L800L1500L2000-3000L
Cooling machine3HP4HP5HP5HP5HP/Group
Ice water pump1.7m3/h1.7m3/h1.7m3/h1.7m3/h1.7m3/h
CIP SystemWashing tank50L / 2pcs50L / 2pcs50L / 2pcs50L / 2pcs100L / 2pcs

used hotel equipment

Our strengths and credentials

A brewery turn-key solution provider

As one of Asia high-end craft beer brewing equipment manufacturer, he has the most professional design and manufacturing team.

He has adhered to the craftsman’s spirit, insisted on the basis of learning and introducing new technologies to develop and innovate independently .Now he has established own unique brewery equipment product system, and there will be 2-3 new products to market every year.

A decisive market share leader in China

Quality Certificate: SO9001, CE, TUV

Our company have nearly 10,000 square meters of modern production workshop, with a number of production lines, humanized management, assembly line operations. Each process is equipped with quality inspector to ensure that each order can be delivered on time with high quality.

used hotel equipment

Our success story

used hotel equipment

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