Lab Brewery
Lab Brewery
Copper Beer Brewing Equipment
800L Copper Beer Brewing Equipment

Small Home Brewery Equipment

Small Home Brewery Equipment

Small Home Brewery Equipment

The followings are just for reference, actual consumption depends on customer’s processing technology.

Production capacity100L/day200L/day300L/day500L/day1000L/day2000L/day
Floor space15m225m235m250m280m2120m2
Total power12kw12kw12kw15/36kw22/72kw31/144kw
Consumption of malt20kg40kg60kg100kg200kg400kg
Consumption of hop60g120g180g300g600g1.2kg
Max steam0.017t/hour0.017t/hour0.05t/hour0.10t/hour0.20t/hour
small home brewery equipment

small home brewery equipment

Equipment Request
1. Milling System
Malt Miller
2. Mashing System
Mash/Lauter Tun
Boiler Tank
Heat Exchanger
Wort Pump
Stiring Device (Optional)
Other accessories are available:
1. Ornamental Pipe;
2. Mashing Pipeline;
3. Operating Platform;
4. Yeast Feeder;
5. Venturi Tube;
6. Butterfly Valve DN40;
7. Butterfly Valve DN32;
8. Soft Pipe;
9. Dregs Rake;
10. Sugar Measuring Cylinder;
11. Saccharimeter;
3. Fermenting System
Fermentation Tank
Other accessories are available:
1. L-Pipe;
2. Butterfly Valve;
3. Pressure Gage;
4. Solenoid Valve;
5. Vacuum Valve;
6. Cooling Pipe;
7. Thermal Insulation Pipe;
4. Cooling System
Ice Water Tank
Refrigeration Machine
Centrifugal Pump
Ice Water Pump
Relative Pipes and Valves
5. CIP System
Washing Tank
Sterilization Tank
Pump and Valve
6. Filter System
Kieselguhr Filter
Membrane Filter
Filtered Beer Tanks
7. Packing System
Fresh Keg Packing Machine
Pop Can Packing Machine
Glass Bottle Packing Machine
8. Controlling System
Mashing Control Panel
Fermenting Control Panel
Refrigerating Control Panel


Mashing System and Fermenting System

7BBL Fermenter Drawing

Fermenter Drawing


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