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Skid Home Brewing Equipment

Skid Home Brewing Equipment Introduction:

This skid home brewing system is designed for craft brewing amateurs who has been experienced in simple home brewing and would like to be close to commercial brewing. This system includes all functions which a microbrewery system standardly have. Whole mashing procedure happens in one tank with a filter drum inside. Two fermentation tanks are all insulated and jacketed with temperature controller for each. The glycol cooling system has one small ice water tank and a mini refrigerator. All the system seats on a skid with heavy wheels. It is very easily movable. This integreted brewing system is able to take on most of the real brewing in a micro brewery. It is suitable for some enthusiastic brewing fans or family party or some brewery labs.

Skid Home Brewing Equipment Specifications:

1x 50L mash/lauter boiling whirlpool combined tank
1x one plate heat exchanger for wort cooling
1x centrifugal type wort pump
2x 50L fermentation tank with cooling jacket and insulation
1x glycol water tank with refrigerator for cooling fermentation tanks
1x controlling panel for all flow and temperature control, digital panel or plc optional
All tanks interior shell 2mm, cladding shell 1.5mm, SUS304;

Power request specification:
Heating Elements: 6kw; 220v/50,60Hz-1p;
Wort pump:0.55kw; 220v/50,60Hz-1p;
Refrigerator:1.5KW; 220v/50,60Hz-1p;

Skid Home Brewing Equipment Package:

Fumigation-free veneer crates packing; All system is packed in one veneer crate.
Net Weight: 280kg
Dimension: 2100 x800 x1750mm
Installed area:1.7m2

USD5600 EXW Crate package included

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