Double heads Two Tanks Manual Washer
Double heads Two Tanks Manual Washer
100L Home Brewing Equipment
100L Home Brewing Equipment

Single head Manual Washer

Matching ParameterTwo pumps, two tanks without insulating layer is default choice
This machine can change to double station
Tank Parametersingle tank 100L without insulating layer
Heater WayElectrical heaterThe table can rise or notNo
Tank Insulating LayerNo
Spear TypeS/D/A/G type (Choose one of them)Wheels or feetFeet
Power380V 3phase 50Hz 15KWAccording To Customers Power Standard
Size(L*W*H)1100*960*1330mmPackageComposite Borad Box
Equipment explaination
Put keg on the table, use the Micro-matic keg coupler connect with machine and keg.
Use manual valve and button to control machine to was keg. Suggestion washing program:
Purge by air – City water washing –Purge by air– caustic washing / recycle in the caustic tank – Hot water washing – Purge by air – Hot water washing – Purge by air – (Steam Sterilize - Steam Pressure Sterilize) -Purge steam or Air by CO2 – CO2 Fill Pressured

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