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Double roller malt miller

Ruijia Double roller malt miller

Production description

Malt crushing system is the carrier of technology, and excellent malt crushing system is the premise to guarantee the quality of craft beer.The effect of malt crushing affects the quality of beer.Ruijia crusher adopts advanced technology and technology, and after many improvements, the new products have the advantages of small size, large production, reliable, energy saving, durable and easy to maintain.

Structure composition and working principle

This series of malt miller mainly consists of:

1. Hopper,

2. Flow plate regulating mechanism,

3. Crushing chamber,

4. Grinding roller clearance adjusting hand wheel,

5. Lock nut,

6. Frame,

7. Outlet,

8. Motor adjusting screw,

9. Motor,

10. Grinding roller.

After cleaning and removing magazines (such as stone, sand and metal) (water content shall not be greater than12.5%) enter the hopper and enter between two grinding rollers for extruding and rolling grinding by raw grain weight and slight vibration of the machine.The ground material is discharged through the bottom hopper.This machine is specially designed for malt crushing, which can break the malt skin without crushing, and roll body tooth shape .It is structurally suitable for medium and fine proportion of malt malt.Compared with the traditional roller mill, the qualified rate of materials can be reached More than 95%, more than 20% higher than 75% of traditional models.Maltose sugar better, finished wine production .It’s improved, it’s better.

       The machine features

  • Beautiful and simple appearance
  • Energy saving and consumption saving
  • Low noise
  • Less dust
  • Fine-tuning the rolling distance simple structure and labor saving, locking handle easy to operate
  •  Completely closed structure, no leakage
  • Roller crushers of various materials can be customized (carbon steel, stainless steel)


Technical parameters of crusher

Installation of machine

The machine is required to be installed firmly, properly and smoothly. It is fixed on the pouring wheel coagulation mound with foot screws.

The machine is well grounded to prevent leakage of electricity. Overload protection should be installed when using. All electrical appliances should be installed

by professional electricians loading.

Machine operation

  1. Release the brake lever and adjust the flow regulating plate to the appropriate gear position to ensure that the material cannot fall into the crushing chamber automatically.
  2. Start the motor.
  3. Pour the abrasive into the hopper
  4. Slowly adjust the knob of flow regulation board to check whether the raw grain breakage meets the requirements, and when the raw grain breakage is found.When the degree of breakage meets the requirements, fix the first round.

5.After the completion of work, the machine must be idle for 1min-2min. The machine can only stop after all the internal materials are removed.

6.After the daily work, the machine memory residue should be removed and the machine body and surrounding areas should be cleaned.



Packaging and transportation

packaging requirements

under the condition that the crusher is suitable for transportation, loading and unloading and is intact and not damaged, the parties shall choose appropriate materials and methods for packaging through consultation.

Random files

A) product qualification certificate;

B) product operating instructions;

C) packing list;

D) user opinions.



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