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Malt Milling Unit

Malt is the most expensive raw material in your beer. So to keep your cost down, you need to utilize as much of the available extract in the malt as possible. The malt mill is absolutely critical in getting the most out of your malt.  A poor choice of mill could easily see you waste 5% of your malt.

Malt crushing equipment used disc-type malt mill or roller mill, powder size can be adjusted, a daily output less than 300L beer production line used disc-type malt mill, 500L or more used roller mill type. Tell us about your brewery and we’ll advise you on the right malt milling and handling equipment for your needs.

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Malt Rolling Miller Technical Parameters

Model 1A3A5A8A
Net Weight(kg)120150180630

Malt Rolling Miller Features

  • Roll grinding flat, the material is easy to enter the grinding zone, convenient disassembly and repair;
  • Gear transmission with fast and slow roll, high transmission efficiency, smooth running, low noise;
  • The self-aligning ball bearing roller, can guarantee the concentric rotary precision, can bear high speed and roller pressure;
  • The high-quality steel head, alloy steel rollers are dynamic balance, stable operation, long service life;
  • Fine rolling distance and the locking handle have the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation;

Malt Milling Unit
Fine rolling distance and the locking handle have the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation
Malt Milling Unit
Keep-off board can control the feeding speed
Exporting package
The packing size is shown in the table above

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