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Kombucha Brite Tank

Kombucha description

Kombucha is a typical fermented tea. Mixing tea, sugar, water, and Kombucha strains or SCOBY (yeast and bacterial symbiotic bacteria) for fermentation, producing carbon dioxide (foaming), alcohol, acetic acid (fermented sour) and lactic acid, propionic acid, glucuronic acid And other organic acids such as gluconic acid, the resulting fermented beverage with health benefits and strong taste is Kombucha.

We provide you with production equipment

Kombucha is very important for human health.At the same time, the production of kombucha cannot be neglected.

We provide you with tanks for production, fermentation and storage.

The description of tank

Our tanks are made of food-grade stainless steel material, which conforms to the national standard. We are professional in tank manufacturing, and many tea beverage manufacturers have chosen us.

Equipment detail

Kombucha tank
1.      Effective volume: 3bbL
2. Size: 1800*750mm
3. Weight: 1200kg
4. Material: SUS304
5. Outer TH:2mm
6. Inner TH: 3mm
7. Insulation material: PU
8. Insulation thickness: 80mm
9. Top type Doomed top
10. Side fitting thermowell diameter Inner: 6X18mm  Outer:8mm
11. Doomed top: Pressure top / side manhole
12. Manhole size: 350mm
13. CIP pipe Diameter:32mm

Our services

Pre-sale service:
According to customer requirements to provide one-stop brewing beer project solution:
1.Tailored process flow chart;
2.Site layout;
3.Cost-benefit analysis.
Production monitoring:
Equipment production will be strictly according to standards, timely communication with the customer about production and other production conditions;
1.To guide customers to prepare the venue;
2.To help customers handle the relevant permit business procedures;
After-sales service:
1.Our commitment to all tanks five-year warranty, life-long technical support.;
2.Send professional brewing engineers free on-site guidance to install debugging;
3.To teach brewing beer brewing technology;
4.Provide a variety of brewing brewing formula;
5.Supply all kinds of beer brewing raw materials.


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