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keg equipment Quick Details

Model Number:20L
Material:Stainless Steel
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
20000 Barrel/Barrels per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Plastic bag

Product Description

Our kegs are made of SUS304 stainless steel ensures maximum corrosion protection. Produced according to the highest quality and highest process standards.Our kegs are sold all over the world.It is the best choice for your professional brewery.


Consisting of durable food level 304 stainless steel for hight cleanliness and sanitation.
Stackable design convenient for handling and loading, effectively reducing space occupancy.
Completly and long time of pickled and passivated to obtain a clean,hygienic and corrosive free surface.
Top and bottom are using MIG welding make it stronger and more stable than TIG.
Great News:

1. Food Grade Stainless Steel 304 instead of 45# Steel, NO Rust More healthy.
2.Anti-Slip Handle with Drawing and anti-oxidation , More Durable.
3.We are manufacturer Support , Wholesale and Custom Made
Package Includeds:
1 x 2 rollers malt mill
1 x Instructions
2 x Aluminum bars(optional)
1x Wooden Base(optional)

Production Process

1 Deep drawing: Special drawing presses are used to produce highly accurate, precision-dimensioned, smooth-surfaced deep-drawn parts from circular blanks.

2 Forming: Technical crimping of beads in the cold-formed keg halves. Cutting the keg halves. Making the bunghole in to half of the keg.

3 Welding in the necks: The necks are automatically welded in the top keg halves using a special method.

4 Embossing and labeling: Customer-specific data are embossed or stamped on the kegs in a special press. Such data include the customer’s name, logo, type approvals and serial numbers

5 From bending, welding, rolling: The chime strips are rolled into rounds, tensed and welded fully automatically to produce the chime rings. These are rolled in a hydraulic forming press equipped with special tools.

6 Stamping and forming: The hand and drain holes are stamped and punched fully automatically by precision machines. All parts are mechanically deburred safe handling.

7 Welding the chimes on the keg halves: The chimes are welded on the top and bottom keg halves by special welding methods.

8 Circumferential welding of the two keg halves: The keg halves are welded together to obtain the complete keg on fully automatic circumferential welding machines. Hygienic, smooth, narrow, flat weld seams and perfect weld root, especially on the side in contact with the product.

9 Pickling, pre-rinsing, passivation, rinsing: The kegs are pickled, rinsed and passivated inside and out, to ensure a grease-free, hygienically sealed surface.


SUS304/2B, the thickness is using 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 18mm, 2.0mm according to the capacity and customer’s requirements.

5. The pressure test

The keg is pressed with 0.5MPa and kept 3 minutes.