80BBL commercial brewery system
Stainless Steel Beer Keg
Stainless Steel Beer Keg

Industrial Glycol Chiller for Beer Cooling System

Design of Beer Cooling Glycol Chiller

(1). Design waterproof ,suitable using outside and in house.
(2) Design working condition ambient temperature from -20C degree to +50C degree.
(3). Working condition: good air circulation place to discharge the heat.
(4). Remote and local control available.
(5). Power off - Auto strart up turn on function supported.
(6). Inlet and outlet pipe stainless steel;

Specification for beer cooling Glycol Chiller

Cooling capacity : 5.7kw~83.6kw
Horse power : 5hp~50hp
Outlet temperature : -10C ~ +30C, can be adjusted on the chiller control panel
Electric power supply available : 3PH-208V/220V/380V/415V/460V-50Hz/60Hz

Features for beer cooling Glycol Chiller

1). Brand and durable Scroll type compressor: Copeland, Danfoss, and Panasonic.
2).Three type evaporator support different working circuit.
A.Tank with coil, easy clearance
B. Shell and tube, high efficient
C. Brazed plate heat exchanger type( BPHE)
3). High efficient V type condenser: Screw copper tube covered aluminum fins
4). Expansion valve: Emerson
5) .Iron and stainless steel pump for different option
6). Buffer tank installed inside chiller optional
7). Inbuilt iron or stainless steel circulation water pump
7). Muti- protection devices: -Compressor inner protection,Over current protection,High/low pressure protection ,Over temperature protection ,Flow switch,Phase sequence/phase missing protection,Low coolant level protection,Anti freezing protection ,Exhaust overheat protection

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Specification for beer cooling Glycol Chiller

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