100L Pilot Home Brewing Brewhouse
Double Heads Keg Filler Without Flowmeter
Double Heads Keg Filler Without Flowmeter

Double Heads Keg Filler with Flowmeter

Matching ParameterFill until setting parameter is default choice
Spear TypeS/D/A/G type (Choose one of them)The table can rise or notNo
Power110-230V 50/60Hz  200WWheels or feetFeet
Size(L*W*H)650*960*1570mmPackageComposite Borad Box
Equipment explaination
Product description:
1. Easily control. ML-F1M has a single filling and pressure working system.
2. The controller use SIEMENS PLC-200 and TD400C touch screen. Buttons and knobs use Schneider.
3. It‘s pipes can be washing by CIP system
4. With Germany Burket flowmeter in each filling station.Set volume in touch screen. working procedure:
Pressing→ CO2 Spare Pressing→ Filling until arrive at setting parameter→Stop

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