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Diatomite Filter

Diatomite Filter

Diatomite Filter

We need a diatomite filter if we want to clear beer quickly. It’s widely used in beer plant.

1.Main performance indicators and technical specifications

1.1 Main specifications:

  • Machine dimensions: 2800 × 1500 × 2300
  • Production capacity: 6 tons / hour (beer)
  • Filtration area: 7.2 square meters

1.2 technical parameters

  • Power: 4.2KW
  • Power supply voltage: 380V

2. The main structure GD-YTG2.6 blade type diatomaceous earth filter is mainly composed of main machine, diatomite mixing tank, infusion pump and metering pump. The main unit includes a casing, a filter frame, a pressing mechanism, and the like.

Diatomite Filter

Diatomite Filter

2.1 case

  • The casing is composed of a casing, upper and lower heads, etc. The cylinder and the upper head are flanged, and a sealing ring is added in the middle of the flange to achieve sealing by a pressing mechanism.
  • The lower head is directly welded to the cylinder, and the peripheral inlet and outlet pipe fittings are equipped with a washing pipe and a pressure gauge at the top to clean the equipment and observe its operation. The materials are all made of plates and fittings that meet hygienic standards. The pipes are single-sided welded and double-sided, eliminating the dead angle of cleaning.

2.2 filter frame

  • The filter frame is a key component of the filter. It is welded and assembled by frame, filter, pressure plate, gasket, support head, etc. The bottom of the filter is inserted into the wine pipe and sealed by O-ring.
  • The upper part passes through the fixed card board to stabilize the filter frame in the casing to avoid vibration during the filtration process and affect the filtration quality.

2.3 pressing device

  • This mechanism consists of flanges, compression bolts and washers.
  • The flange adopts concave and convex type, and the sealing gasket is placed in the groove, and will not be extruded due to high pressure, so that the sealing effect is superior.

2.4 mixing system

  •  Stirring consists of a reducer, a stirred tank, a stirring shaft and a blade to stir the diatomaceous earth mixture to provide raw materials for pre-coating and addition.

2.5 metering pump, infusion pump

  • The metering pump is a diaphragm type metering pump, which ensures the cleaning of materials and the range of flow adjustment to the maximum extent, up to 360L/h, the highest pressure is 0.8Mpa; the infusion pump flow is 8m3/h, the head is 65 meters, two pumps Can meet the normal work of this machine.

3. the principle of filtration

  • The casing of the machine is equipped with a plurality of stainless steel filter frames for supporting and adhering the diatomaceous earth filter aid for the main filtration. The closed-pressure filtration method is adopted, and diatomaceous earth pre-coating is firstly applied to form a diatomaceous earth coating (pre-coating) on ​​the surface of the filter, and then it can be filtered.
  • The principle is: when the infusion pump inputs a certain amount of pressure of the diatomaceous earth filter aid into the casing, the liquid flows into the filter under the action of pressure, and the filter has a certain resistance to the flow of the liquid. Therefore, a pressure difference between the inside and the outside is formed, so that the diatomaceous earth is gradually adsorbed on the surface of the sieve, and after the circulation, a filter layer having a filtering ability is formed. The turbid filtrate is filtered through the filter layer and becomes clear, and then flows out of the machine through the liquid outlet tube.
Diatomite Filter

Diatomite Filter

4. installation and use of equipment

4.1 Equipment installation

  • The environment in which the equipment is installed should have good water, power, gas, and sewage channels.
  • 4.1.1 Packaging and transportation of equipment The packaging and transportation
    • The equipment is transported separately during transportation. The diatomite adding tank, infusion pump and metering pump are fixed on a shelf as a whole package, and the diatomaceous earth filter main unit is packaged and transported separately. 4.1.2 Installation of the device Installation
    • The specific installation location of the equipment can be located according to the position of the manufacturer’s fermenter and storage tank. After selecting the appropriate position, the main unit and other parts are firmly connected with the valve and gasket provided by the equipment, and appropriate Fixed it.4.2 Equipment inspection
  • 4.2.1 Installation check
    • The connection between the parts is firm, there is no looseness, check whether all the valves can be switched freely, and the circuit part can not be short-circuited and open.
  • 4.2.2 Motor dry running check Motor running inspect
    • After turning on the power, test the infusion pump, metering pump, and agitator reducer to see if they can operate normally and if there is any reversal.

5. Preparation before filtration

  • 5.1 Preparations Large cycle: soil mixing tank —— infusion pump —— filter tank —– soil mixing tank
    •  Small cycle: filter tank —— infusion pump —— filter tank
    • 5.1.1 Wash and disinfect the main machine and soil mixing tank, including reducer, metering pump and all pipes.
    • 5.1.2 Host and pipeline pressure test
      • Turn on all lines, close all valves, turn on the power, and fill the tank with sterile water.
      • Open the mainstream valve, infusion pump inlet valve, infusion pump outlet valve. Press the infusion pump start button to perform a large cycle.
      • Observe the amount of water in the stirred tank and increase it at any time.
      • After the main body is filled with water, it should be circulated for 5~10 minutes according to the large circulation process to eliminate the gas in the filter tank and maintain the pressure of 0.18~0.20Mpa.
      • Adjust the relevant valve, turn the system into a small cycle, and keep the pressure 0.18~0.20Mpa
  • 5.2 Preparation of pre-coated diatomaceous earth
    • 5.2.1 Pre-coated soil (coarse soil): 7-7.2Kg (water and soil ratio is 8:1)
    • 5.2.2 Pre-coated soil (fine soil): 7-7.2Kg (water and soil ratio is 8:1)
    • 5.2.3 Mixed soil: several (thickness ratio is 1:1)
    • 5.2.4 Stirring tank plus sterile water 60Kg (water and soil ratio is 10:1)
  • 5.3 first pre-coating
    • 5.3.1 Start the stirring motor, add coarse diatomaceous earth (5Kg), and mix well.
    • 5.3.2 Slowly adjust the valves to turn the system into a large cycle.
    • 5.3.3 Observe the turbidity of the reflux liquid. When the filtrate is clear from the discharge pipe, the first pre-coating is finished, and the system is turned into a small cycle;
    • 5.3.4 Keep the pressure inside the tank 0.18~0.20Mpa, cycle for 10~15 minutes.

5.4 second pre-coating

  • The second pre-coating is pre-coating of fine soil. The pre-coating method is pre-coated with coarse soil. After pre-coating for about 20 minutes, it can be transferred to normal filtration.

6. Filter Filter

  • 6.1 When filtering, the storage tank should be prepared with C02 pressure, the pressure is controlled at 0.05~0.1Mpa, then the inlet valve is slowly opened, and the infusion pump return valve is adjusted to keep the system pressure fluctuation not exceeding 0.03MPa.
  • 6.2 The fermenter is connected to the wine inlet, and the wine outlet is temporarily connected to the sewage discharge.
  • 6.3 Slowly open the wine valve and close the small circulation valve to observe the color of the wine outlet. When the filtrate is close to the color of the beer, connect the filtrate to the storage tank for normal filtration.
  • 6.4 If the filtrate is unclear during filtration, the small circulation valve can be opened again and the wine outlet valve can be closed for circulation. After the filtrate is returned to clear, it is transferred to normal filtration, and the metering pump is turned on during the cycle.
  • 6.5 When filtering normally, the metering pump always adds coarse and mixed diatomaceous earth (the ratio of coarse and fine soil is 1:1). When the content of wine yeast is relatively high, the proportion of coarse soil can be appropriately increased; when the content of wine yeast is relatively low, the proportion of fine soil can be appropriately increased. The amount of soil used should be adjusted according to the consumption of ton of alcohol and the flow rate of the wine pump to achieve the matching amount of diatomite.
  • Note: When adding soil, press 1~1.5Kg/t (beer)


  • The following conditions can stop filtering.
  • 7.1 The filter layer is clogged
    • The performance is as follows: the inlet pressure reaches 0.5 MPa and the outlet pressure is 0.4 MPa.
  • 7.2 The diatomaceous earth in the filter is full
    • Performance: Import and export pressures are unchanged.
  • 7.3 The damage of the filter layer is as follows: the filter is unclear.
  • 7.4 Beer has been filtered.
    • Shut down in time.


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