Restaurant beer brewing equipment
Restaurant Beer Brewing Equipment
microbrewery equipment
Microbrewery Equipment
copper brewing equipment

copper brewing equipment

Our cooper brewing equipment is suitable for home, hotel ,barbecue, restaurants, bars, small breweries and other catering entertainment. The turnkey system includes crushing system, mash system, fermenting system, cleaning system, cooling system and controlling system and so on, also we can provide you with filtering system and bottles/kegs, bottle filling capping,beer kegs washing and filling machine.

The inside and external of tanks are adopt international standards 304 stainless steel material, mirror polished up to 0.4um, this copper brewing equipment standard configurations as below:

  • Less capital investment, quick return
  • Flexible configuration, easy follow brewing
  • Health, safety life style, and potential market Investing a brewery in local region
  • Cope with the hand-brew market demand
  • Customize design,meet the diverse need
  • Warranty for 5 years and lifetime repair guarantee Increasing brewery production
  • Rapid production increasing
  • Shinning appearance which could fast attract your customer eyes.


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