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Diatomite Filter
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Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment

Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment

At our company, our brewing systems are all built turnkey and offer several advantages that outshine those of our competitors. All vessels have an impeccable heating and cooling system through our jacket design. With a high percentage of dimples and an internal spacing of 7 mm, our jackets have 130% more heating and cooling potential than tanks with the usual 3 mm gap seen in inflated jackets. All rakes in our brewhouses include an automatic outplow paddle design.

This allows the brewer to plow out spent grain just by reversing the direction of the rake. Our water jet cut screens also represent our dedication to detail. Ruijia uses water jet cut screens as the standard for all of our false bottom screens to improve drainage, increase efficiency and promote consistently clear wort. Sanitation is always top priority when producing your brews.

This allows our clients to inspect their system at every angle. On the areas that need to be welded, we make sure to grind smooth, polish and passivate every TIG weld. Even the largest possible stainless steel sheets are joined and butt-welded to create a stronger tank. To further ensure sanitation and quality, everything that comes in contact with your product, from the handles to the motor is 100% stainless steel and is made to be fully dismantled and easy to clean.

While Criveller makes sanitation and quality a priority, we want to go even further in proving our dedication by ensuring visual satisfaction. We also offer various special features from linear piping systems to customized nameplates to make sure that every vessel represents the same attention to detail that our clients show through their product.

15,000L Commercial Beer Making Equipment Introduction

  • 15,000L Commercial Beer Making Equipment is focus on regional market.
  • It is not so higher than micro breweries, but request more complex operation.
  • These products enable whole set beer equipment systematic execution of milling, mashing, cooling, fermentation, clarifying, controlling, filtration, filling and other related processes.
  • We subject each brewing system to stringent testing procedures before launching them in the market.
  • Their beers are always sold on shelf in bottle or canning, Its special taste and color make it much popular among all kinds of beer.
  • The service includes: Free consultation and engineering, shipping, installation, recipes, staff training and more.

15,000L Commercial Beer Making Equipment Specifications

Output / Brew15,000L
Brews / Day2~3
Output / Day30,000~
Electric Supply3phase/380(220, 415,440…)v/50 (60)Hz
Heating SourceSteam/Directly Fired
Area Request>800M2

 15,000L Commercial Beer Making Equipment Configuration 

1Grain Milling UnitRolling Miller2000~2500kg/hrDouble roller
Speed differential
Flexible Auger1-1.5t/hStainless steel screw
PVC pipe
2Brewhouse UnitMash tun15,000LSteam jacket on bottom and side
Agitator inside
Wort hydrator mounted top of mash tun
Lauter tun15,000LGrain rake with VFD
Laser cutting V-wire False Bottom
Easyclean and detachable sparging spray ring
Multihole wort collect ring(optional)
Kettle Tun15,000LSteam Jacket on bottom and side
Steam vent with condensate ring for kettle stack
Whirlpool Tun15,000LSteam Jacket on bottom and side
Hot water tank30,000L
Heat exchanger2*60M2SUS304 plate
3Fermentation unitFermenter15,000L/30,000LGlyco cooling jacket on cone and bottom
Side or top manway
CIP arm and CO2 blow off arm
Mechanical relief valve
Shockproof pressure gauge
Rotating racking arm
Dry hopping port
Carbonation stone
Sight level
4Filtration unit(optional)Kieselguhr Filter10,000kg/hrPressured candle type DE filter
5Bright beer tankBright beer tank15,000L/30,000LGlyco cooling jacket on cone and bottom
Side or top manway
CIP arm and CO2 blow off arm
Mechanical relief valve
Shockproof pressure gauge
Rotating racking arm
Dry hopping port
Carbonation stone
Sight level
6Glycol Chilling UnitGlycol Water Tank30,000LInsulated conical top and sloped bottom
Cold Water Tank30,000LDimple plate on side wall
7Control unitBrewhouse controllingPLC control with touch screen for special
Fermentation ControlingPLC control with touch screen for special
8CIPCaustic Tank3000Lelectric heating element inside
Sterilization Tank3000L
Sterile Water Tank3000L


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