cooling jacket tank
Cooling Jacket Tank
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2 tanks CIP system for hydrogen peroxide and alkali liquor installed on skid card, it is easy for brewmaster move it to a right position easily cleaning tanks.

CIP pump with 3T/H working capacity, supply high and safty pressure to CIP ball, make it rotating with high speed frequency ensure tank surface cleaning well. Independent control system control heating on/off, have temperature display screen, easy to check the Temperature of cleaning liquor.

I. Alkli tank(Soda water tank)

  1. Water capacity adding to 100L, temperature PID gauge set max 55℃, min 50℃
  2. When the temperature close to 55℃, open Valve 1 and 5(valve open half) and start CIP pump switch and begin self circulation for 1 minutes. After finishing close the pump and all the valves.
  3. When the temperature reach at 55℃, put the 5kg food grade alkli in to the Alkli tank slowly. Open Valve 1 and 5(valve open half) and start CIP pump switch and begin self circulation for 1 minutes.
  4. After Alkli mixing water is ready, connected Valve 4 and 8 by soft hose, Valve 3 connect with Valve 7. Open Valve 1, Valve 4(open half), Valve 8, Valve 9( for air release using). Start pump and put the Alkli water in to fermenter, then move the soft hose which connect to valve 8 to valve 9. Then this situation is Valve 3 is connection with Valve 7, Valve 4 is connection with Valve 9. Open Valve 3 and 4, 7, 9, then start pump and self circulation washing 30 minutes. If no water inside, then close the pump, open valve 1 and release the air from valve 3 and 7, after water inside the Alkli tank, then close valve 1 and start the washing.
  5. After cleaning, open Valve 3、5、7、9(Air in using) and then alkli water back in to the Alkli tank.

Note: If the worker are not mature operator, must close pump and all the valves before operation this machine. This pump CAN’T empty running. Have to release all the air in the water inlet pipe, then start the machine.

II. H2O2 tank

  • Use 30% contain H2O2, add 1.5L to 100L water in the H2O2 tank. After mixing well, operate process is same to Alkli tank.


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