cheap stainless steel conical fermenter
beer unitank

brewing fermenter

cooling jacket tank

cooling jacket tank

Factory price jacketed tank beer fermentor
Profile typeSingle layer tankDouble layer tankThree layer tank
MaterialSS304 or SS316L
Volume50L-50T (Customized)
Tank TypeVertical type or Horizontal type
Structure one layerInner layer+jacketinner layer+jacket+insulation
Cooling wayNoice water /cooling waterice water /cooling water
Heating wayNoelectric/steam heatingelectric/steam heating
Agitator typeNolow speedHigh speed
PARTS DETAILS1.Quick open manhole / Pressure manhole
2.Various types of CIP cleaners
3.Sterile respirator
4.Adjustable Legs
5.Inlet and Outlet sanitary valve
6.Thermometer (According to customer requirements )
7.Paddle blender .(According to customer requirements)
8.Liquid level meter and lever controller (According to customer requirements)


beer fermenter

Fermentation Tank SeriesVolume in US GallonDiameterHeight
1HL Fermentation Tank26US Gallon620mm1600mm
2HL Fermentation Tank53US Gallon820mm1800mm
3HL Fermentation Tank79US Gallon960mm1900mm
4HL Fermentation Tank106US Gallon960mm2100mm
5HL Fermentation Tank132US Gallon1010mm2100mm
6HL Fermentation Tank159US Gallon1060mm2150mm
8HL Fermentation Tank211US Gallon1060mm2550mm
10HL Fermentation Tank264US Gallon1210mm2550mm
12HL Fermentation Tank317US Gallon1360mm2550mm
15HL Fermentation Tank396US Gallon1560mm2620mm
20HL Fermentation Tank528US Gallon1560mm3100mm
25HL Fermentation Tank660US Gallon1560mm3450mm
30HL Fermentation Tank793US Gallon1760mm3500mm
35HL Fermentation Tank925US Gallon1760mm3750mm
40HL Fermentation Tank1057US Gallon1760mm4050mm
50HL Fermentation Tank1321US Gallon1760mm4540mm
60HL Fermentation Tank1585US Gallon1960mm4700mm
70HL Fermentation Tank1849US Gallon1960mm5200mm
100HL Fermentation Tank2642US Gallon2250mm5700mm
150HL Fermentation Tank3963US Gallon2250mm7550mm

Note: 1hl=100liter; 1Gallon=3.7854liter; 1Barrel (BBL) =117Liter


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