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Industrial Brewing Equipment
Brewery Equipment

Brewery Equipment

Brewery Equipment Product Description:

Please take a look at our 1000L Beer Brewing Equipment in Poland.

1300-500kgs miller1Grains miller
Mash/lauter tun
Kettle/whirlpool tun
Hot water tank
3Steam heating
3Fermenter10Beer capacity base on quantity of fermenter
Fermentation 2 weeks
4Bright beer tank2Add CO2
5Control unit1Siemens PLC control
6CIP unit1Clean the brewery
7Cooling unit1Glycol water tank+chiller+pump

1000L red copper beer brewery equipment to USA.

  • 1000L brewhouse(Mash/ lauter tun,Kettle/ Whirlpool tun)
  • 2000L Hot water tank
  • 1000L Bright beer tank *2
  • 1000L beer fermentation tank*4pcs
  • 2000L beer fermentation tank*2pcs
Brewery Equipment

Brewery Equipment

Turn-key service are available.   

  • Beer machine consultation
  • Machine Design
  • Overseas installments and training can be provided
  • Beer recipes are free to share

Packing and shipping:

  • Our package is standard 40GP for 500l 1000l beer brewing equipment.

Contact Person:

  • Send the message to me freely, we will be best friend of beer


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