Beer Brewery System
Beer Brewery System
Restaurant beer brewing equipment
Restaurant Beer Brewing Equipment
beer pub brewing equipment

beer pub brewing equipment

A beer pub brewing equipment is a brew system which used in pub or restaurant.Some brew pubs. Brew Pubs have become famous and successful world wide because of the superior taste, wide range and high profitability.

The whole set equipment is made of stainless steel or red copper. Cooling jacket adopts dimple jacket which are provided at tank body and conical bottom to effectively increase the cooling speed.

Our beer pub brewing equipment features below:

  1. Roughness is less than 0.4μm
  2. Without any dead corner
  3. Discharge with rotation
  4. Multi-stage cooling jacket can save more energy
  5. Various heating methods (electric heating, gas heating, steam heating)
  6. Filter plate (unique design with back taper)
  7. Churn (manual, semi-automatic, top stirrer and bottom stirrer)


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