3BBL Beer Brewing Fermentation Tank
3BBL Beer Brewing Fermentation Tank
Beer keg Washing and Filling Machine
Small used beer keg washing machine

Beer Keg Washing and Filling Machine

Matching ParameterThree pumps. three tank without insulating layer
Tank ParameterThree tank,single tank 100L without insulating layer
Heater WaySteam heater in two tanks( caustic and hot waterThe table can rise or notYES
Tank Insulating LayerNo
Spear TypeA,S,D,M OR G ONE OF THEMFilling Part With Flowmeter Or NotYES
Power380V 3phase 50Hz 15KWAccording To Customers Power Standard
Size(L*W*H)2.25*2.20*2.10M                          package: 1.75*2.25*2.29MPackageComposite Borad Box
Equipment explaination
1. It is use the Siemens S7-200 controller and Schneider buttons and knobs.

2. Separate pipe systems of keg washing part and filling part. It own steam sterilize that is suit for stainless steel beer keg and also has acid neutralize function.

3.  Fill way is invert.The machine will stop until full.

4. You can clean all pipe with CIP system on filling part.

5. The whole machine use the stainless steel AISI304. All pipe welding use orbital welding system. Pipe inside and outside are clean and sanitation.
Washing working procedure:

Pressing→air blowing/drain off→water washing→air blowing/drain off→hot caustic washing→air blowing/to caustic box→hot water1 washing→air blowing/drain off→hot water2 washing→steam blowing/drain off →co2 blowing/drain off→co2 pressure preparing→cylinder return Filling working procedure: Pressing→steam sterilize keg spear→CO2/drain off →open the spear→co2 pressure preparing→filling→close the spear→hot water washing spear surface→steam/drain off→cylinder return

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